Things to get for your first Baby

What you can get for your first baby

When you give birth in the hospital, the first day can be very good. Ten things you'll do only for your firstborn. Ah, firstborn. These beautiful blogs with space for neonatal pictures, date of first step and lucky mementos? An entire photo book devoted to your loved one's first year?

I got all this for my first kid. Later kids are more likely to listen to Old MacDonald Had a Farm or a young kid who sings Twinkle Twinkle on repetition than Mozart.

singing and signing, baby-songing, baby-massage. That' terrible, but we have no clue what the first words of our midget were. First-born? Is that the first two-syllable term? "Tower". We have a small certification for the first footwear of our oldest, which is kept in a small storage with the footwear itself.

However, then you realize how much you' ve been spending on something that has been pissed off, chewed up and fully developed by the end of the first few weeks.

While you wait for your first baby to come, what should you do?

Do you wait for your valuable firstborn to come? During the last few months of your gestation you may experience painful feelings of long duration. Take your chance with a hands-on pre-baby preparation course - and make the most of your last few free day. Follow your baby's evolutionary developmental mile stones from childbirth to the age of five with our baby evolution calender.

Realities of what your first days with your new baby will look like.

It' s such an exhilarating moment to be expecting and wait for your new baby to come, but when your bunch of happiness comes, the realities of living with your new baby can be quite depressing. We' ll give you an overview of what the first days with your baby could really be like once the buzz subsides.

When you give life in hospitals, the first days can be very good. Maybe you have help from a nursing staff to bring your baby to you when it needs to be fed, and get rid off rotted diapers and even be there when you're not quite sure what to do next.

Someday on and nourishes your baby and yourself, you will be told that you are able to go home, great to come home to your own crib, own bath room, but help at hand for your baby....Panic 1. This way you could buckle your baby into his automobile chair without hitting him or squeezing him and carry his chair to the automobile, but how on Earth can he fasten himself in the automobile?

Looking at your other half, he looks back empty, you find the directions in the gloves compartment and get the fit properly mounted, pooh...then the baby begins to cry as he is now prepared for another feeding, PANIK 2. Disconnect the vehicle seats, feeding the baby in the vehicle, starting the trial all over again.

Eventually you're on your way home, but you don't dare go over 5mph, which is when the baby gets tapped, and what is when the dents damage your strings...uch! You get unwrapped, but then what? oh, hold on, baby's weeping, yeah, you gotta find out why... Panic 4.

What's the baby weeping about? Eventually you calm your baby down, sat down, wondered what to do next, and your baby woke up again. While you longed for your baby to stay up for the whole thing so that you could find some well-deserved sleeping in your own crib, you let your baby move into his Moses baskets and spent the remainder of the nights watch him sleeping.

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