Things to Prepare for Baby

Preparing things for the baby

So when would you begin to prepare for the baby's coming? hello my girls, I know it's still waaaaaaay too early, but I can't recall when I began to prepare for my decs arriving, I'm currently 25 week away with baby no. 2, & I'm all ready, got everything I need, but I was wondering when did you or will you get all the clothing & wash them & put them in the closet for babies arriving?

I am sure with my hand I did it about 35 week with my hand1, got her bed & laundered all my dresses & pressed etc.......... So I keep looking at all the lovely stuff I' ve purchased & can't wait to get it all laundered & pressed & hung lo..... Hey, I'm 29 week old now and I've had all my dresses done forever.....

It is my second baby and I resolved to take down all the clothing from the attic to be sorted etc. I' ve kept the clothing down 0-3 month and the linen and blankets/sleeping bags down and laundered them there and then, the remainder went up again, everything organized and ready for later......

I' m so happy that I did it back then, because I don' t think I could have done it all in one night and fixed it all up the way I did it then, if I did it now, now that I definitely feel the baby's tribute on my system.

I already purchased my stroller for two.... I' m actually quite up for a baby. I' m now 20 months old and just beginning to think about how to get myself dressed, now I know the gender I want to try and begin buying bit, I have 3 guys, so I have nothing for a rose.

I' m 24-week old and haven't purchased a thing! We' ve got the construction workers in and out, so we have no way of storing things until they're done. By chance, my girlfriend was staying with her baby, so it was still useful! Though my first went in his bed in his room after about 6 week and I am planning to do the same this year.

I' am also a lone mother, so I like to be organized really good doubles, prepared for anything I want. Neither do I recall the last times I did this! I' am currently 30 week, and will have a grow chart in 6 week to see how big it is (the last one was huge) and whether I need to be shipped early.

I' ll end the work so I can really focus on the baby No. 2 coming and the needs of my newborn. The whole baby stuff's under my crib, standing by for installation!

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