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There is a centuries-old tradition of giving a toddler a silver coin for baptism. Baby- and children shops in Taunton Deane Boot offers everything you need for health and....

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Childbirth and Baptism - Six Penceslas

There is a centuries-old history of giving a toddler a silver medal for baptism. The Three Wise Men gave away golden gifts and this may have been the inspiration that led men to give noble metal to a baby. They thought the coins were a symbol of happiness, but they also serve the useful function of building a baby's savings.

In the Tudor period, for example, men gave away money. Under Queen Victoria the traditions again began to change and locals began to give pieces of jewellery in the form of sterling silver. Here, the jewellery was made of amber. Already 1551 the silvery sixpence was for the first time imported under king Edward VI. Quickly the coins became a symbolic of wealth and happiness.

Today, even at the baptism altogether, men and women decide to give Silbersexpences and Silberpennies to wish a little boys or girls all the best. Sovereign, the flag ship, and the legendary Britannia are also particularly beloved baptismal presents. Distributing coin at baptisms is not just a UK tradition. The Zhua Zhou is a traditional ceremonial in China that is believed to help build a child's futures.

On their first anniversary, the parent places an object in front of the baby, and the baby then selects which object to use. Choosing a piece of silver will give the kid a life of happiness. In order to highlight Zhua Zhou, buddies and relatives also give their children money.

Usually the coin is thread onto a cord that the baby can carry around the throat. The Agra Hadig is an Armenia ceremonial that is very similar to Zhua Zhou. Instead of celebrating the child's first anniversary, Agra Hadig is kept when a baby gets his first toothache. At Trinidad and Tobago, babies often put cash in their hands to wish them good fortune for the rest of their lives.

To give a coin as a baptismal gift is still a very much loved way to wish new infants well.

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