Things you need for an Infant

The things you need for a toddler

We've never flown before and I don't know what to bring, what to leave behind or how best to prepare. Learn what services we offer to make flying less stressful for families. How about drinks other than milk? Never sleep with your baby on an armchair or sofa. Regardless of the age of your children, you should be able to take your baby with you so that everyone in the family can enjoy the mountains.

Epsom and St. Helier University Hospitals.

Proud to be a reaccredited Babysafe friendly motherhood department that recognizes our high standard of promoting and assisting new mothers to connect with their infants and make the best choices in nutrition for their newborns. A prenatal infant nutrition training course and pre-arrival meetings are offered so that you can discuss with a doctor the best option for you to nourish your infant.

The most important thing you will remember during your gestation is whether you are breastfeeding your child or giving your child breast feeding; this has a great deal to do with you and your partner's emotions and the attitudes of your families and your mates. Most importantly, no matter how you choose to start feeding your child, you will be backed and encouraged by our midwife and newborn teams.

Take a few moments to review the following information, which will explain the reasons why we suggest you breast-feed your newborn. Because there are many advantages for you and your child, we suggest you breast-feed. You will receive hands-on tips and help from the department employees on all facets of infant nutrition.

Our goal is to motivate our pregnant and new women to view the following videos as an introductory session to breastfeeding: When you have a question or anxiety, please talk to your obstetrician during your check-ups, parental training or in the delivery area. Not only does breast-feeding promote optimum regrowth and progression, but it also protects infants from infection and disease, in particular:

It' less expensive than the prescription and it' s less work because you don't have to make feed, sterilise your bottle, teat, etc. CHINES: For further information see Is my babying enough[pdf] 510KB. To find out more about the safe use of lactation while taking medications, please go to www.e-lactancia. org/ ( opens in a new window).

On this page you will find information on all medications and on the safe use of breast-feeding during ingestion. If you have any queries or concerns, you can also go to the Nursing Network website (opens in a new window) or get in touch with our Infant Nutrition Team. For more information on breast-feeding, you can ask your birth attendant or your healthcare professional.

You are also welcome to take part in courses dealing with rapid-reaction education and infant nutrition. Upon release, you will receive brochures with information about our on-site lactation hospitals, infant cafes and contacts for additional assistance if you need it. When you decide on the formular feeder, we will help you with your selection.

Please see our letter for further information on formulation feeding 98KB mothers[doc]. Note that all formulations must meet a certain level and provide proof that there are very few significant differences between them. More information and instructions on reactive bottled nutrition can be found under Infant formulae and reactive bottled nutrition - A guideline for parents[pdf] 130KB.

It'?s about fast breast-feeding: Allow the mother to sat down, unwind and connect with her newborn.

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