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The ZeeZee Baby Boutique - Spanish and traditional baby and children's clothing from Spain

The ZeeZee Baby - a nice start. Our shop sells nice traditionell spain clothes from Spain, Portugal and Great Britain. We therefore provide our clients with a fexible, interest-free method of paying a non-refundable 20% down pledge and the remainder can be withdrawn within 6-8 week. We will book your order as soon as the remaining amount has been settled.

Kate Middleton - Why Prince George and Princess Charlotte dressed in Spain?

Duchess of Cambridge has an internationally acclaimed dressing room with outfits by a number of high-end fashion design professionals from around the world." However, when it comes to her own kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Kate tends to turn to Spain label. In particular, this applies to her one-year-old subsidiary Charlotte.

Only a few short moments after her birth, the little princess leaves the clinic, covered in a cream-coloured knit cap from Irulea - a small company in the north of Spain, San Sebastian. Prinz William and Kate's Spaniard Nano, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, donated the hood.

Kateate' s nurse Maria was undoubtedly instrumental in the clothing of her young colleagues. Charlotte had her first formal portrayal of the princess again clothed from top to bottom in Irulea.

Before Charlotte was given birth, Maria had chosen and given away the dresses. He is also a supporter of the popular Spain trademark m&h, which is on sale in Valladolid, Madrid and Valencia. Charlotte has at least one rose flower gown from the store that she was wearing at the age of six month for her formal portrait.

She is also a client of Amaia Kids, a boutique in London belonging to Amaia Arrieta of Spain. Prinz George was depicted with a jacket in black on the sticker. Declaring for Kate's trend to buy spanish, HELLO! the king journalist Emily Nash said: "We have seen that in recent years Kate has chosen more and more to represent Spain, especially through Princess Charlotte's first performance outside Lindo Wing with Irulea knits, a present from the Cambridge native Spaniard Nano Maria Teresa Turrion Borallo.

"to support Spain's businesses. This first present from Nanny Borrallo's Borrallo's familiy with the small hood, shoes, pullover and shirt we saw Charlotte wear the traditional Spain trademark Irulea, who probably put a seedset in Kate's head to find another access to her closets.

" Kate and the king expert agree that Kate may not want to cause the 'George and Charlotte effect'. She said about Spaniards: She has seen the phenomenon al'Kate Effect' created by her own decision on fashions, and perhaps, understandingly, she wants to prevent her kids from becoming mini-fashion influences at such a young age! What a surprise!

Suzan added: "The purchase of boutique labels that do not manufacture large volumes of clothes in large volumes allows Kate to some extent manage the magic that follows an outing. As M&H, a wholesaler in Spain, has said, each of its five branches is generally equipped with only ten units of a certain stylistic. This will certainly reduce the number of those who can buy the same gown as Princess Charlotte.

Kate not only buys from the same brand, she also tends to wear George and Charlotte in similar outfits for every open outlet and portray. "Prinz George wears traditional style short sleeves that are often marine in colour. "Charlotte is the same: her clothes are almost always printed in pastel-floral colours coupled with a monochrome cardboard from M&H in Spain.

" I think Kate is doing what she can to minimise the George and Charlotte effects we've both seen several times, as well as the Kate effect: that raging, almost tactical response from buyers who need to buy exactly what the prince or princess is wearing.

Obviously Kate is confident that if Charlotte and George see each other in almost the same design, they won't be so likely to rush to the computer to buy the same thing. "George and Charlotte, I think, probably adhere to a certain look, i.e. the short and stockings and the flowery gown and the gown, for performances in front of the audience and formal photos, because that's how kingly kids were clad in traditional clothes, so we see the same items being carried again from time to time, which makes perfect sense when it comes to children's clothing.

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