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An exclusive online boutique with a unique collection of products for your baby, toddler and you. Prince George makes toddler fashions a thing of the past

Hardly had Oohs been stroked over those images of a shaggy Prince George who arrived for his first full moon at Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk last weekend when on-line parents' boards were full of mothers trying to get their hand on his chic underwear. Although the fashions have always worshiped on the young people's alter, they now seem to be in the grips of a toddler's fashions booming, headed by the little prince who Forbes calls "the most powerful toddler in the world".

In 2009 Net-a-Porter temporarily recorded the name Petite a Porter, while Alex and Alexa, a slender boutique with 9,000 line children's design clothing, have been so successful that they recently set up a "Luxury Ski Store" with articles such as a William Sharpe Grey Swarovski Epaulettes tracksuit for 464 pounds.

"Surprisingly (or disturbingly, how you look at things), some of the under-threes dress themselves on the front of the package, even, and the rest of the kids are dressed for the occasion.

Harper Beckham stays the "main rider " of the website for Alex and Alexa (former toddler), with this flabby Chloe Hut driving them into collapse. "It carries so many of the parts we have in store and we always see an increased turnover as soon as it is photographed," says Slungaard. However, no toddler is more profitable than George in all respects: from the Start-Rite boots he was wearing in his first Christmas photos to the Crocs in which he was played last year at the Polo.

"Even though North-style features may be inaccessible (let alone desirable) to most parent's, Slungaard observes that their overall aesthetics are still "boosting sales"''but his trend-setting quilting coat indicates that the Little Prince was equipped by all in the cheapest toddler's equipment - one foot down.

Your clothes read like a who's who of 21 st. th. fashion: Balmain, Givenchy, Celine, Balenciaga. Even though most parent may not be able to access (let alone desire) Northern styles items, Slungaard finds that their overall aesthetics are still boosting sales: week-long snapshots of their trip to dance class led the site to investing in "the largest selection of tutus ever in our history" to fulfill the query.

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