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You can find a variety of designer junior clothing available for sale online, with girls and boys designer clothing for sale on our website. Girl Designer Clothes | Girl Designer Footwear Investment in the latest, best designer fashions for your child and make sure they are always one step ahead of the package and leave a permanent mark on every opportunity. Our shops located in Ilford in Essex are known for their huge range of children's designer clothing. Our children's clothing is always at the cutting edge of the latest fashions.

Together with our world-renowned logistics partner we aim to provide the best possible supply chain service for all parts of the world:

Britain's most spoiled kids who have been showered with designer clothing.

Mom Faye says: "I can't afford not to get them the best" These charming young children are perhaps two of the most spoiled children in Britain. One Faye invested in for Scarlett and her Savannah brother, Savannah, and wouldn't have dreamed of purchasing "cheap" Next or M&S footwear. Kids with jets have traveled to tropical places like Dubai and Cape Town and live in five-star hostels with Michelin-star cuisine.

Look at some dresses and doesn't even dare lift them. She' s buying her clothes from Primark, but it's going to be Peppa Pig or Minnie Mouse, and she looks at her somehow as if she's saying, "There's no hoping in hell that I'm going to wear this," and she's being put aside.

And Faye acknowledges, "Scarlet has already turned into a complete jerk. Somehow she looks at some clothes and won't even dare to keep them"'It is important that they run correctly so that I would never buy any inexpensive Next or M&S or similar sneakers. Scarlett already began to develop her preference for delicate things at a young age. Mmm.

Faye said, "She only sleeps in Merino Kids when she was a newborn. My man is driving a Porsche Cayman and Scarlett particularly enjoys sitting in the front seat," said Faye. And Faye said, "You're a little spoiled by public holiday. The first year of Scarlett she went to Cape Town, Mykonos in Greece, Dubai and Spain and since we had Savannah, we were again in Dubai, France and Chalkidiki in Greece.

While Faye described Scarlett as a "shoe maid 18 months old", Savannah is more intrigued by her mother's Mulberry Messger. As Faye said, "We got her a set of Cinderella boots from the Disney store and Scarlett totally disliked them because they weren't high enough and they weren't pricey enough and they weren't like real boots, so she wasn't interested.

Said she: "I always knew my pampered friend, and I recall that I thought that when I had kids, I really didn't want that, I wanted them to appreciate everything. I guess they're spoiled, but they're not as spoiled as some kids and I think if you can buy it, then you can't really warrant not getting it best.

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