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Mighty Tonka series. Press reviews - Tonka Toys Outstanding workmanship means that the car will last for long periods of playing time and still look flawless. This rigid is designed to last with lifelike detail right down to the wheel detail and tail light paint. £1.99 These miniscule cars are nevertheless elaborately crafted, with as much attention to detail as the bigger cars, and that makes them a true pleasure.

At the same time, the garage serves as a toy box and is stackable - a great presentation. Kids will like that and scream for more. Tiny's Tonka Mini Playset Brush Esccape 9. 99 - Take your Tonka Tiny's with you on an Epic quest through the Brush Esccape Playset.

The solid (as toys go) car is a beautifully constructed construction for digging, tipping and pulling. Cars drive on large, low-tread lugged tires that run smooth over all possible surface types. We have a large sand playground in our community which is perfect for this excellent car - and which attracted many wonderful looks!

Here you can see the full Tonka Stahl product line. "Tonka's Stahl Series is a longtime classical. Coarse and finished, these cars are made of genuine stainless steels and come with a wide selection of crane and truck choices, as well as coarse tires for easy terrain!

Purchase Tonka Vintage die-cast cars, trucks and vans.

Save yourself with the Tonka Classic Steel Fireengine! Lifelong guarantee! INTAGE TONKA 1981 Fire Dept.LADDER DRUCK No23- Model No 55170 Hover No 11 " Hover every picture to see it in full sizing. Tonka Classic steel cement mixer is designed for durability! Tonka Sturdy and lifetime guarantee!

Lifelong guarantee! This is a Tonka Road Riders pickup with a length of about 8 inch and a width of 3.5 inch. Great white-blue Tonka-LKW with luggage tag with folding doorframe. The Tonka 606 fire engine as shown. Tonka good stickers on both sides. Good and undamaged with good stickers on both sides, the back of the car is good quality fire engine bodyshell in black synthetic material.

It is for a Tonka-type.

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