Top 10 Baby Gadgets

Tops 10 Baby Gadgets

The top 10 most important devices for new parents. Thermometer for the Baby Bath, Amazon, £12.99. to Awesome Baby Tracker, iOS, Free. £76.

49. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier, Amazon. Suggested: pNeo Baby Shusher, Amazon, £36.90.

The top 10 best travel equipment for 2013

The times when backpack tourists just pushed cloths and heavy 1000 page guides into their 80 litre packages are over. The year 2013 will be all about timesaving and cost-saving technologies to make this journey of a life a little better. In this sense, here are our top gear technologies, travelling Godget hints, for 2013!

Complimentary WiFi from St. Christopher's and Starbucks is great when you're around the globe, but outside these places it can be convenient to have web connectivity without apologizing for having to roam your computer. It is a one-month subscriptionservice that behaves like a personal computer system. In this way you can log in wherever you are - your site and your information are masqueraded - so you can do everything you do on-line and in a very secure area.

When you' re used to Passbook on iPhones, you'll be loving the tripIt per game. It is a very easy way to organise all your events in one place. You can connect this baby for just $99 and get immediate wireless connectivity with intelligent streamers like Vudu and Netflix.

Tops 10: Honest John Kit gadgets for modernizing an older vehicle

FenSens is very nice - it is simple to assemble (mostly), closes a niche in the open air and is really less expensive than the manufacturer's parkers. 300 pounds is a big buck - but the Sony XAV-X100 has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities so it can be connected to a smart phone and used to streaming, spotify, make and take phone call and browse Google Maps.

On the side of the screen there are also two built-in ports that allow you to recharge other equipment, such as your mobile telephone, while the cigarette light jack is in use. YI Smart Dash offers all the important functions at a sensible 40 pounds cost. However, it has WiFi, so you can check the material on your mobile when you want, modify it if you want, and then get it.

When paired with a telephone, you can also use it for your own stereo listening service, such as Spotify, or as a speakerphone for making and taking incoming phone Calls. For £150 it's not inexpensive, but it offers many functions and it's simpler than the installation of a whole new sound system.

Google Maps is integrated into the application and the navigation system can use satellites if desired. The WiFi in EE's automobile does not leave anything to the fantasy in the naming area. YOSH magnetically holds your telephone in place while you drive and costs just £6.

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