Top Baby Bath Products

Baby bath products

Nourish your baby and toddler from head to toe with shampoo, bubble bath, lotion, massage oil, repair balm and nappy cream. Bathing Baby Period - Bathing Products for Your Baby 2 in 1 cleaning lotion for baby and baby, perfect for travelling from birth(1). Schaumshampoo for sensitive neonatal scalp skin, perfect for everyday prevention of the hood, from birth(1). Soft cleaning angel for baby and baby. Organ and scalp cleanser perfect for everyday use from birth(1).

Gently on the head from the first morning * Gently on the head * Gently on the head from the first morning * Gently on the head * Gently on the head from the first morning * Gently on the head * Gently on the head * Gently on the head from the.... Bathing every night is an important part of your baby's time: it not only keeps him healthy, but also supports his sensorial growth. Here are some useful information to learn how to washed your baby without harming your baby's sensitive and unripe baby skins.

Ringelblumen Cream Bath - Weleda marigold cream bath - baby bath products

Softly bathe your baby's epidermis like a contact with this ultra light baby bath for sensitive skins. Calendula's solar heat and calming properties are combined with silky-sweet marigold oils and biological black seed oils to help avoid dehydration in a truly nutritious mix. Warmer and more seductive on the epidermis, friendly purifying, it is a bath that keeps the epidermis supple, sleek and with the beautiful scent of a naturally pure baby.

Baby Weleda Marigold Care, a proven product line for over 50 years, supports the healthful growth of resistant skins. Marigold aids the regulation of the scalp and covers it with a warm, protecting coat. Thoroughly chooses and mixes Weleda's skin-friendly, naturally -sourced ethereal fluids to help your baby develop.

It has a soothing, protecting effect that gives a feeling of safety and keeps the baby's own aroma healthy. Shaking the flask, pour 2-3 squirts into a hot bath when the tap has drained. Cleans, cares and protects the epidermis from dehydration. Helps the skin's own protection function.

Gives the baby a sense of heat and well-being and smells of nothing but baby. It is free of artificial conservatives, perfumes, dyes or ingredients from petroleum. Demonstrably gentle to the epidermis, even on delicate and dehydrated skins. for INCI: aqua waters, sodium chloride, Prunus Spinosa fruit juice, thymus vulgaris (thyme) extract, marigold extract, perfume*, lime*, linalool*, geraniol*, silica, xanthan gum.

Contains pure ethereal oil (i.e. contained within the ethereal oils).

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