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You' re definitely gonna have a few beach days, but ask what your family wants. Unveiled this year are the 100 most beloved baby brands in the UK. The Baby Centre has introduced its 100 best name of the year for young men and women, and there are some interesting tendencies. It also seems there is a movement towards "extreme nature" theme titles over floral ones, with Luna climbs 20 squares and Aurora and Skye break in as new items, the Daily Mirror reported.

At the top of the girls' chart is Olivia. Oliver, last year's most beloved name, was replaced by Mohammed this year. These are the top 100 boy and girl nicknames - do yours appear?

Baby top name 2018

Choosing the right baby dynamics can be daunting for a parent when they expect it, but don't worry - we have a collection of baby name listings to help you get inspired, plus top baby name for this year, so you can get an impression of the ones that will be most loved this year.

As we are over halfway through the year, the Baby Centre has unveiled the most beloved designations that mothers and fathers have chosen for their little children so far in 2018. Olivia, Sophia and Amelia are pioneering for the young women, while the male nicknames Mohammed, Oliver and Noah prove to be a true success with their mothers.

Whilst Olivia and Jack have kept their top positions for the most beloved baby girls and baby boys, Luna and Harley are now in the Top 100. Aurora, Callie and Penelope are other big baby name leaps in the 2017 baby name ranking. Whilst the schedule includes some fashionable supplements (hello Reggie!), most of the baby top 20 baby top 20 entries are very traditionally - like Amelia, who has been number one for baby girl's name for six years; and Oliver, who has surpassed the chart since 2013.

Unexpectedly, Charlotte has not made the top baby maiden name for the 2018 listing, although she was one of the 20 most beloved baby maiden name in 2017 for youngsters. It is also said that George 2018 will be quite loved, possibly influenced by Kate and William's small family. While James is among the first three ukiyo-eks for 2018, do you like the sounds of the others?

Please see the complete listing below. Tops 20 sex-neutral babynies 2018:

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