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Gentle head-toe washing and baby shampoo Just apply a small droplet to the baby's wet scalp and coat. Even the smallest amount produces a mass of smooth blisters to clean baby's head and belly. It' a must for the dessert islands - if you only take one spa item on your holidays, make sure it is - the whole familiy can clean and wash your bristles with it, you can swivel it in the bathtub to make blisters and even use it as a shaving cream.

However, we do not accept to incorporate into our product anything that may damage or damage fragile skins. Oat is a great softener, which makes the epidermis softer and more calming. Tiare flowers, traditional used by Polynesians, are steeped in sophisticated coir seed oils to create a unique soothing ingredients that moisturizes and nourishes the scalp and scalp, making them ultra-soft and hydrating.

Water, soda coamphoacetate, soda lavalyl sarcosate, cocamidopropylbetain, laurylglucoside, decylglucoside, dlycerine, cocoglucoside, glycerinoleate, pearus maleus (apple) extracts, Plant extracts: Greenia sativa ( "tahitian monoi") blossom extracts, seeds extracts: oats, leaves, perfume, soda hydroxymethylglycinate, lemonade.

What you can do to assemble and disassemble your baby

Use our JOHNSON'S TOP-TO-TOE baby wipes for periods when no bathroom is available to allow your baby to gently yet thoroughly wipe without the need for washing or tumble dry. Keep your baby's epidermis tidy is vital for good and healthy life, and cleaning your baby is also a great banding sensation.

Although you can't give your baby a dip every single morning, Top & Tailling is an option that many mothers opt for for very young infants, especially in the morning. You must ensure during the course of the daily routine that the diaper area is kept neat at every diaper replacement and that the face, wrinkles under the jaw and palms are cleansed after each use.

Ensure that the room is heated (24ºC, 75ºF) as baby will quickly loose warmth from their body. Try it with your hand - it should touch nice, but not too cold. Pour a little bit of lukewarm pool lukewarm and add a little more lukewarm if necessary. Spend a few moments talking to your baby and calm down.

Don't wash the eyeball yourself. Wrap your baby in a handkerchief, place your arms under her back and your hands behind her skull. Use a small amount of soft baby wash, such as the JOHNSON'S TOP-TO-TOE Baby Bath designed specifically for soft-eyed babies, and rub softly over the entire skull.

The baby's scalp has a weak part ('fontanelles') where the cranium has not completely united. It' sure to rub this area softly and wash it. Put the baby down and tumble dry her scalp softly and raise the hat of the bath cloth over her scalp to keep her warmer. Rinse the diaper areas with fresh, hot tap and mild detergent or a special baby wipe: for a baby maid, simply softly sweep the area from front to back.

In the case of an unircumcised male, wash the pelvis and genitals, avoid retracting the prepuce and sweep from front to back. JOHNSON'S Baby Lotion is a hypoallergenic and has been shown to be beneficial for sensitive baby skins. JOHNSON'S Baby 3-in-1 nappy care cream offers soft and soft shelter. Cloth your baby now and put him in a reception quilt to keep him warmer.

Keep your baby in good hands and share your moments together.

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