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Find out how to get your new baby on and off or bathe. Baby insert includes an integrated cable that attaches your baby to the insert. Five best applications that every new mother needs to make her daily routine easier.

With a new baby, you have a whole new timetable to keep an eye on, from your sleep plan to new immunizations; and this application provides an optimized way to keep an overview. They can record everything, from bathing hours, feedings, diaper changes and sleep plans, and it's convenient to remember doctor's visits, as well as information about immunizations and allergies. What is more, they can also keep a record of your medical history.

You can also track thrilling baby development landmarks as an added benefit, providing great memorabilia. The best way to get through your baby's first year: All right, calm down, baby! Beginning with instruction video, through installation of a baby chair, to breast-feeding instruction, this application will answer a variety of frequently asked question that you might have in your child's first year.

And there are some good advice on how to take care of yourself (e.g. what to take care of while breastfeeding), as well as a practical "Poop Guide" if you are worried about your baby's soundness. No matter whether you're scheduling your first vacation since greeting your newest arrivals or just want to drive into the city for the afternoons, this is a great check list to make sure you don't miss any of the important things for a trouble-free trip.

It also has a practical list of items you might need that you can easily append! This convenient application is suggested by NHS-Mids and allows you to monitor your baby's dosing schedule, whether you are breast-feeding or changing to the vial. Conveniently, the timing gives you the right and the left keys, so you can keep in mind which breasts you have used for earlier feeds, not to speak of the convenient watch that allows you to see the amount of your last fed - over the course of your life this calculates an estimation of when your next fed is due because of earlier samples.

You can also monitor your baby's sleeping habits and regrowth as a reward, and there is a manually generated protocol in case you need to take additional notices.

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