Top new Baby Products 2016

Novelties Baby Products 2016

Moonlight Slumber All Foam Littler Dreamer is her current top pick. The top 10 baby products I couldn't live without. They were given to me as a new baby present and they are by far my favourite gauze towels.


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The top 10 baby products I couldn't survive without.

While I was expecting, I recall seeing all these different products you could buy for a baby. In retrospect, I can tell you with certainty that most of them, without which you can definitely survive! And you go to all those baby shows and you see all those flashcards that appear on your front page for all those different products, and it's so simple to get swept away with purchasing things for the time your baby gets there, especially if you like to shop as much as I do!

Thought I' d put together a shortlist of things I couldn't survive without except the apparent baby clamps (car seats, prams, etc.). Looking at baby baths products, I knew for sure that I didn't want any baby baths, we don't have the space to stock one, and it all seems a little like a affair that has to fill a plastics sink inside the normal one!

When I saw the different bathers I knew that she was the right one for us. Your baby's form adapts and when Oliver is in it, it looks well backed up. There' s no way it can slip or roll out of it, because the plastics are beautiful and handy.

Comes with a practical back hooks so you can suspend it when not in use (although we simply keep it in the bathtub when not in use). They were given to me as a new baby present and they are by far my favorite gauze towels.

Although I also like the huge muslin I purchased from M&S, they are great for use at nights and also as a blanket. This is what I rented from one of my boyfriends, and I like it. Conceived for midday rest, it is available in two different sizes: 0-6 month and 6-36 month.

In my opinion, this is a gift from heaven if you want to park your baby during the day. This imitates a snuggle, has a padded edging and then only a slimmer inside area, which means that when you put your baby inside, it penetrates, giving them a beautiful and safe feeling.

Usually when Oliver falls to sleep after a meal and I want him to sleep, but I have things to do! Oliver's ass got pretty raw in the first few weeks, I tried Sudocrem, which didn't help at all, and then I recalled that I had a bottle of it in the Baby Bee present box that my nurse had given me.

It took two whole nights for the eczema to go away and he had a beautiful peach coloured ass again. Burt`s Bees Baby Bee Creme is a daily buttock treatment that is pleasant and moisturizing to the touch when worn. Whenever his butt turns a little blush, I crack open a little of the salve and it disappears within a week or two.

We also use the foam baths and shampoo, it's great because it's 100% 100% naturally. Whenever I get other towels, he always groans because he likes them, and he never comment on any of the other products we buy, so they have to be good!

Never a big Bauchzeit aficionado, Oliver learned to curl from belly to back at 8 week, and I think that was mainly because he just didn't like being on his belly! These toys are great for getting him to spend some abdominal support so that he can have a good look around.

Currently he makes it about 5-10 min. at a stretch (only 10 if something really interesting is in front of him!!!), but we give him another way to belly up, and he always has a small role on our beds before going to work. Baby do not need them all to sing, all dance games, and this play mat does the work for a very cheap one.

So Oliver likes to beat the little ones, there's a little tire with little bits of rubber inside and that's definitely his favorite little tire, he'd love to spend the whole afternoon playing with that one little tire, I'm sure of it! The Fisher Price rocking stool was given to us by Stu's grandma when she purchased it when his colossus came to see him from Australia a couple of years ago, it was great as a swing and the vibrating feature was great to help Oliver sleeping as a neonate, but I sense that it's aimed at slightly larger babies/toddlers, desperate to meet the bar, but just couldn't get it!

Maclaren Rockers are great, they have the vibrating feature, the toy is available and I like the fact that they also have a hooded hat, which means I can use them in the yard because I know that they will have their faces shadowed by the rays of the day (even though they would be sitting in the shade!).

It seems to really be enjoying this stool, the playthings are all beautiful and smooth and make beautiful rattles and squeaking sounds. I' ve gotten this through my work as a left to have a baby gift and I like it. It' so simple to use and Oliver is comfortable and safe in it.

So Oliver is nodding fast when we leave, and if we don't, he likes to have a good nose! No! Now, this may seem like a weird thing to have with the Top 10 products that I couldn't do without, but I don't know what we would do without them!

It' a great diversion device, Oliver just gazes at it infinitely, it almost always ceases to cry and he likes to beat it to make it turn. It is a face of the utmost focus, it is so sweet! Well, these are my top 10 products, without which I could not survive!

Which baby products could you not do without?

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