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Category Also, we realize that a baby's hide is more sensitive than an adult's - it is not fully mature, which can make it susceptible to irritation, and it can loose humidity more quickly. This is why our Top-to-Toe Manufacture was specifically created for the gentle cleansing and caring of newborn babies' skins. The Johnson® Top-to-Toe Technology Babybath is formulated to clean the baby's sensitive scalp and scalp with gentle cleansing action.

Johnson's Top-to-Toe Massage Oil was specifically formulated for the newborn' market and provides a lightweight protection layer on the epidermis. More than twice as much hydration as your infant cream. Johnson® Top-to-Toe Moisturizing Cream for Babies is designed specifically for newborn babies. It''s special formulation maintains the skins own hydration and protects against dehydration.

Gives a supple and supple feel to the complexion. Johnson's Extra Sensitive Cloths are clinical proof and proved as effective as pure aqua on newborn babies' skins. Ideal for application to the entire newborn' s flesh, buttocks, palms, arms and face. JOHNSON'S Mother and Child, whom our parent has been trusting for over 125 years. Maidenhead, SL6 315.

and Johnson & Johnson Ltd., Tallaght, Dublin 24. Maidenhead, SL6 315. and Johnson & Johnson Ltd., Tallaght, Dublin 24. Complete name of the product:

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Find here a guide to how to care for your baby's umbilicus trunk - how to help it securely cure, dehydrate and drop off. You will also find out the symptoms of infections and when to consult your doctor. Avoid diapers scratching the residual limb.

We recommend informing your baby's doctor. In order to see what is irritating, carefully press the residual limb away from the erythema and highlight the edge of the reddening with a crayon. You should immediately tell your family doctor if the blush is still present, and especially if it has extended beyond your brand.

When the reddening is only an annoyance by the residual limb, it will supply itself in a short time by itself. It is known as navel pomegranuloma. Her doctor can handle it with a desiccant named Silbernitrat.

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