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100 per cent safe for your baby: This bottle of high quality babies presents uses high quality foods silicone?BPA, PVC and phthalate-free materials.... Can also be cooked for sterilization (less than 10 minutes). Versatile bite ring: Our bite ring toys have a smooth chewing finish and tough pearls help erupt new teeths. Smoothing and massaging, this handle bite ring relieves inconvenience.

Movable tooth beads: These bite ring toys have 7 movable pearls with vibrant colour, the movement will help to train young hands, vibrating the play of baby-teeth makes noises that will attract your child. Zether kit made of flexible, hard-wearing and dependable materials, best toys for babies 6 to 12 years.

A good gift option for newborns. Light color: The colour of the teeth rings is lively and light. Children's tooth reliefs contain different forms and colours that stimulate your child's creativity. The fruit and food design of the children's toy help young children to learn about different fruit, food, colours and forms at an early stage.

Because of the baby's supple skins, the rim of our teat is flat to prevent injury to the child even when falling. Several tooth surfaces: gentle chewing surface and tough surface to help new tooth breakout. Mobile tooth beads: Funny mobile spinnerets improve your baby's eyes flexibility and help them with hand-eye co-ordination, visual and auditory cues.

Lightweight: The children's bite-rings are about 0.1kg, lightweight to keep for the little one; the ideal sizes make it simple to wear, use and keep. Optically pleasing top-selling infant formulas can help alleviate and calm your baby's childhood illnesses. Do not use this tooth for babies under 3 month.

If the child's toys are damaged, please stop using them if you get hurt. This teat kit contains important information. In order to ensure the security of your infant, please dispose of other packaging materials such as bags, labels and so on. Infant zether must be used under the immediate adult control.

Tooth toys contain a small pearl, be careful not to suffocate the resins.

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