Top ten Toys for one year Olds

Toy Top Ten for one-year-olds

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: Presents for One-Year-Olds Christmases is a funny season of the year when you're one. Babi Pur has everything you need to make Christmas a memorable experience for the little child in your family. Babi Pur has everything from diapers, bio clothes and baby carriage boots to charming toys and puppets.

These are our ten best Christmas presents for one-year-olds: Christmas diaper showing a Lebkuchen mann with a small Lebkuchenbaby, which falls with its sled by the snows and races against a Babyhirsch and a sweet rob throat. It' s a funny holiday printing for Christmas presentation, but it will also look good all year round.

Made in Wales by Inch Blue, these beautiful, supple infant booties are made of genuine cowhide. Our favorite penguin designer is beautifully designed for Christmas and makes a great gift for a newborn or a year old child. Have a look at our full line of styles here. Obviously this unique Christmas look will look great on any little one.

Here you will find our complete assortment of beautiful Frugi clothes for infants, toddlers and mothers. Manufactured from durable birch timber and refined with non-toxic water-based colours, they are ideal for baby games and chewing safely. This is a great gift for the opening on Christmas Eve! Take a look at our complete assortment of Haba toys from Germany.

For one year olds they won't be much better than this great fire kit from Grimm's Toys. Dragging along toys is a great gift for a young child taking her first step, and this little baby is one of the sweetest presents for one year olds that you will see this Christmas.

It is made of massive limewood and has a water-based paint that allows the texture of the timber to shine through. Here you can see our complete assortment of beautiful Grimm's toys. Stackable and covered with a small fowl, this ring is a beautiful learning tool and ideal for staying under the Christmas trees.

The 18 cm long trunk has been decorated with water-based, secure colours that retain the look and feels of nature and timber. So why not combine it with another Le Toys from the Le Toys Van Petilou series? They' re all great presents for one-year-olds! They are made of massive timber, wonderfully crafted and extremely stable.

The Haba hikers are great Christmas presents for one-year-olds, and this one will look beautiful under the trees with a circulating band. Take a look at our whole palette of funny Babi Pur walking aids. He' gonna be a great playfellow for a kid this Christmas. Take a look at our complete assortment of puppets and accessoires this Christmas.

Present cuddly toys with a tula for Christmas! There is a wide selection of Babi Pur designs - the hardest part is to choose your favorite design!

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