Top things to buy for new Baby

The most important things you can buy for your new baby are

Baby shower gifts are filled with thoughtful ideas for new parents and their little ones. Our aim is for you to have the box around the clock so that you can start buying things for your baby. Get to know your new baby Being a new mother, you will certainly have a lot of unanswered question about everything from the first phase of breast-feeding to your baby's wash, bath and diaper-packing. Here is a brief tutorial on everything you need to know about taking care of your new baby during these strenuous but delightful first few weeks. Here it is.

What can our baby see?

Newborns have no instructions for use and you will certainly have many queries about their behavior and looks. At first it may look like you're doing nothing but feed, but you and your baby will start to get into a patterns and the amount of breast milk you are producing will part.

Feeding your baby as much as you want. Allow your baby to make a decision when it's had enough. Don't bath your baby for the first few nights. Select a period when your baby is alert and happy. You need a dish of hot running tapewater, a bath cloth, wadding, a diaper and, if necessary, neat clothing.

Find out how to get your new baby up and down or take a bath. Infants need to change diapers frequently, but how often they need to change will depend on how fragile their skins are. A few infants have a very fragile complexion and have to change as soon as they get damp, otherwise their complexion becomes raw and blush.

Others may be waiting until they are replaced before or after each meal. It is important to change all your baby as soon as possible after they have made a feces (stool) to avoid diaper-rashes. Weeping is the way your baby tells you that it needs convenience and grooming. See why your baby is weeping and how to calm him down.

Neonates normally spend only two to three consecutive hrs sleeping through the nights and during the days. Part of the explanation for this is that newborns are not yet ready for dawn and dusk. Even in the first few month of life, infants still wax fast and have a very small stomach.

When your baby is growing, it will begin to need less rest and stay awake longer at nights. Learn how to bring your baby into good sleeping health. When a baby's seriously ill can be hard to tell. So you will know if his looks or behavior are disturbing.

If you put your baby on his back for the first six month to get some rest and lie in a baby bed in the same room as you, this is one way to further decrease the risks to your baby. Quitting the smoker during your baby's maternity or breast-feeding period, as well as in the same room as your baby, will also help provide protection.

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