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High-quality, child-friendly toys and games designed to encourage playful learning. Beautiful place to buy used beautiful toys and baby equipment. Plush toys & dolls for babies & children For the next few years, a stuffed animal will be your child's permanent partner. No matter if you're looking for your first baby or want to expand your precious friend's assortment, you're sure to find a stuffed toy that will honour your baby forever. You can find flexible toy spirals that can be attached to prams, baby chairs or cribs, and lullabies that will put your baby to rest with smooth light and sweetness.

Explore colorful baby carriage playthings to keep the little ones moving, and a host of enchanting blankie blankets to snuggle up before bed.

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Present your little one with something from our baby & preschool programme. Enjoy the bathtub with our swimming toy or select a plush toy for a sleeping mate. Tomy and Fisher-Price to the enchanting Playgro design, we have the best brand names to keep your little one happy from one ear to the next for you.

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Playmat tilesize: 32x32cm. - Place 1 x with 18 pieces of children's playmat. - Kid's playmats are made of EVA plastic and are made of EVA plastic. The Playnest is surrounded by 8 multisensory functions that encourage contact, sight and sound. The Playnest is also an ideal place for babies to relax while sitting and having fun with other games.

High-quality and lightly decorated children's baby creep yMCMC with 2 sides made of instructive flexible plastic material.

DIY 4 baby and toddler toys for motor skills

Fabricate 4 home made baby and toddler games using recycle material! At Christmas I made this kit with 4 exploration toy for baby beans from empty containers of coffees, cocoas and powdered lactose. First, I painted the empty jerry cans by enveloping them in light, embossed gift wrap with contrast colors.

I then gathered some other material that I could put into each one to develop a wide range of toy styles. Case and mail toys: For this toy I just made a slit in the flexible synthetic cover and found some metallic covers I had gathered. The baby really liked this toy the most because it is in this state of joy to take things in and out.

so he' s using it without a cover. But I think that Pop got it right away. Ribbon-Pull Tugging Toy: For this I made some small punctures in the sides and the top of the box and made sure that there were corresponding punctures at the same height on each side.

Then I screwed them through the hole, came in one side and out the exactly same spot on the opposite side so that they could easy be dragged back and forth. Several of these tapes make a nice sound when drawn because of their more rigid materials, adding a nice surprising feature to the game!

For this toy I just made a few slots in the cover and put them into a light coloured wood sticker. The toy is suitable for both babies and toddlers, as they use it at their own performance level. At Bean she likes to get them all out as quickly as possible, but she's really struggling to get them back in.

Hop loves both taking them out and inserting them back in, and it's great for invigorating her hand and wrist. It makes a beautiful sound when you shake it, but when you turn it on its side and curl it, it becomes a great caterpillar toy! The baby just curls away a bit, then begins to curl back again and encourages the baby to creep away in an addictive carnival!

It' Bean also likes to tap this like a cylinder.

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