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Don't let it go until the last moment to get your ticket, because the last show in Switzerland (almost 4 years ago!) the concerts were either full or almost full! This will be true rock shows, with the guys in their luckiest club doing the whole Toy Dolls show!

See you next fucking day. Oliga has been answering your latest Ask Oliga question, this once on videotape! Please continue to send your queries to ASK OLGA. Next recording of the albums is here! Once Olga has recuperated from South America, he will work again on the demo for the new record.

The next one is LANZAROTE Arrecive Endivo Festival, which will be the band's first visit to this beautiful archipelago and they are really looking forward to it! Then we let Olga continue with the long expected tracks for the new album! See you next fucking day. Questions to Olga are here.

Please continue to send your queries to ASK OLGA. This is the top five studio preview of THE THAT GIG GREOVEABY. But first the Frequently Asked Questions...... Your question will be answered. Mention three more groups on whose records Olga had a gig on guitar: The next gig will be the Kanalrock-Festival in Norway with the powerful Gang of Four, followed by the long desired trip through South America.

Yes, Olga will have a really great performance as DJ in Sao Paulo regarding South America! Last but not least, here's our Olga with Wattie from The Exploited (the new, enhanced, sleek version!) at the Montebello Rock Festival in Canada last months, a great one! OK, we'll have some new record stuff next year!

See you next fucking day. Now, as we already said to you last about Olga, he has successfully completed his examination in audio technology, but this months he sent us a picture of him with his certification! Your answer to Olga's question is here before we go any further. Please continue to send your queries to ASK OLGA. Unfortunately, this is the last hour of our last lessons.

The next one will be new interview with Olga, with question and answer session for each of the 12 studios. Oliga told me that he just completed demonstration 7 of the new record track! If you haven't already listened, Olga has teamed up with Paul Cook (Sex Pistols/The Professionals), Tom Spencer (The Professionals), Chris McCormack (The Professionals/3 Colors Red) and Danny McCormack (The Wild Hearts), and together they are known as "The Tallywags".

Please click here to submit your answer to the following question (with your name and mailing adress - we ship worldwide!). List three other groups whose album Olga had a visiting gig as a guitarist. OK, watch the show on June 16 at the Montebello Rock Fest - it's the first ever show for the guys in Canada and it's going mad!

See you next fucking day. Let us get right to the deal, as always your question to Olga is here. Please continue to send your queries to ASK OLGA. You can find the current tuition here. It' almost the end of the guitars class (boo, we're crying here!), but they will soon be superseded by Olga's recording sessions, which are as pleasant as I can tell you!

Prost of Olga, Tommy & Duncan for your incredible loyalties, we thought you might have forgot us! Oliga told me that he is still working on a new number 6 track, oh come on, Oli, work harder! There' been a lot of inquiries about Olga's amplifier setting lately, so I was able to get the information out of the man himself!

Olgas amplifiers are the Marshall 100w JCM 800 2203 models of your choosing. Also Olga asked me to tell you that he preferred the Marshall AV (Angle/Vintage) loudspeaker enclosure, as compared to the default Angle driver's cabin, which he assumes gives heat to the high-end heights of his Telecaster.

Here we go, Olga spilled the seeds on his amplifier adjustments! Olga's living act is still working on more shows for 2018, and Olga is working on the new record every workday! Yes, one last thing... warm congrats to Olga for becoming Apple Certified Pro for the DAW (Digital audio Workstation) Logic Pro X. He successfully completed his tests last weekend and is now in the Apple Registry.

Perhaps now that his degree is over, he can finish this damn new one! See you next fucking day. Go directly to the store with anyone you ask: Ask Olga answered here. Please continue to send your queries to ASK OLGA. Speaking of asking..... Filmmaking these interview was a very pleasant and illuminating one! There will be weekly upgrades to these new features as soon as we have completed all our actual guitars.

Are you expecting to see her in a few month? Talking of guitars, the newest one's here. and Olga is in the process of making new record demonstrations as we speak. Mm. Some of the tracks are shit and others are very sweet, but that's Olga for you! At this season the guys begin rehearsals, have the gear maintained and prepare for new shows beginning in April.

It' only a small fix this year, but more shows will be added to the Tourdates, so please check again. We' re certainly urging Olga to write this record, but I suppose all good things are definitely going to be waiting for it, aren't they?! See you next fucking day. At last the boys return to SÜDAMERIKA!

See you next fucking day.

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