Toy Garage

Toys garage

Top 10 toy garage for young men and women Wood and wood and traditional as well as plastics and fashionable, toy arcades give little fingers a lot to squeeze, turn, parking and four - and ignite little heads to create all kinds of fantasy tales and game. Here is our selection of the best toy workshops....

. It is a 2-storey garage (54cm x 78cm x 44cm) with auto washing, helicopter landing pad, down zooming, up winds and noises.

It' really tough and stable, with pads broad enough for larger vehicles. There are also good details - we especially like the small fuel pump and the noise of the heliport. Medium-large ( 40cm x 40cm x 40cm x 30cm) massive wooden construction, 3-storey garage with street marking, hoist elevator and loading platform with gates.

It is a good value for a stable wood garage that is fairly simple to install (the manual is good and clear). Several of our children tester found the elevator somewhat rigid and the slope somewhat precipitous - but they all found it great to work with. One 66cm x 75cm x 45cm 3-storey garage in vibrant colors.

Equipped with a weighbridge, a lorry elevator, an access door, a washing bay and a turning landing field that lifts and loweres the elevator. Delivered with a wreck tractor that releases tunes, rhymes and funny sounds when it drives over one of the 9 smart points in the garage. An inexpensive, easily installed garage that is well anchored in the minors under 3 and does a lot for the buck.

Keys to be pressed are beautiful and clunky, and sounds are great - fun and instructive, but not too overpowering. The 42cm x 11cm x 76cm garage brings things to the next level with 2 additional levels in the standard 3-story toy garage. With a gas filling depot, a ramp and a helicopter landing pad.

Supplied with 3 vehicles, a chopper and an illuminated walkie-talkie. It may not be as stable as some of the other top 10 synthetic car parks - so it's a good idea to stick to the recommended ages over 3 years. One 37cm x 27cm x 27cm x 27cm 3-storey wood garage with elevator, car parks with numbers and a pale pink synthetic dock.

Supplied with 2 automobiles, 1 semitrailer and 2 railways. Brio is a well known name and this garage is robust, well thought out, small and simple to assemble. This is not necessarily a garage, it is a 41cm x 31cm x 13cm petrol filling place with a lift and a washing machine with moving painters.

Two-storey garage measuring 30cm x 10cm x 33cm, designed after the beloved Disney cars film. With a broad platform and a elevator. It' rugged, but it' small - a true plus if you have little room. And, of course, a true champion for any kid who's crazy about automobiles. An Early Learning Center 35cm x 53cm x 30cm kit with store, loading platform, fuel dispensers (round in the back) and washing facility especially designed for small children.

The garage sounds and the beautiful, soft, small, hand-friendly feeling are very much to our liking. One garage toy (6cm x 14cm x 30cm) with slide-bar. 10 different colored automobiles are included. It' not exactly a garage as such, but when your little one gets into a car and starts to count, we expect him to have a lot of pleasure with it - and come back to it again and again.

Colourful, three-storey, 30cm x 38cm x 38cm x 50cm wood garage with helical loading platforms, fuel pumps, a vehicle and a working elevator. Robust enough to toy with (much), but also makes a great looking souvenir that can be passed on to the children in the familiy for years to come.

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