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An enormous selection of toys for children and big children alike. Whenever I need a gift for a child, I visit the Concord toy store. Characters | Toy and Characters | All Categories We have all types of girl and boy characters for your little hero! Cruise light sabers with the galaxy's greatest villain, Darth Vader, or help out the Star Wars Rebels and rescue the Jedi from extinction. Go to the Star Wars rebels and kill the Jedi!

Take a look at our wide selection of Marvel Activity games and characters and make the comics come to life! It' all here!

Ranging from mighty characters to Power Rangers, our selection of characters is enough to please even the most serious collector.

Toy Shop of Concord, Concord, Concord, MA Review - One of the best toy shops ever!

Whenever I need a present for a kid, I go to the Concord toy store. Always find the right article for every kid and see enough toy and soft toy to wish I was a kid again. In this shop there is a large choice and affectionate, kind employees who like to make good proposals.

Her Lego, Calico Critter, plush toys and refined toys are particularly good. I was very interested in visiting Concord to see how this toy shop describes itself as "America's Oldest Specialty Toy Store". Visiting the shop, I wasn't really interested in the choice or client support, but still found it interesting to be at a historical toy shop.

It turned out that a basic research revealed that Mary Arnold Toys in New York is 11 years older than the Toy Shop of Concord. The toy shop is neither the oldest toy shop as a whole nor the oldest small specialist market still in use. Oldest Toy Shop " is probably supposed to lure innocent tourist into the shop.

It was a great place for us to stop off at our 2-year-old wife's (who could take less notice of the old clothes and even the sweets store we visited). You had a beautiful, well thought-out choice, and while all the prizes might not be like Walmart, we found them similar to Toy's R Us or our home toy store (Hinterland NY; no bloated economy).

Very cute and reminds of a small shop in the city. Located in the historical Concord, this small toy shop has a good selection of items at affordable rates. Were you at the Concord toy shop?

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