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Toys. It' s a matter Toy staff Tom Dougall, Dominic O'Dair and Maxim Barron must have been asking themselves in 2008 when they found themselves as Lehman Brothers in a fast collapsing India business. You were members of Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong, a group that is so youthful that even their name rings like a bell.

However, despite the criticism and good will of indie-loving teenagers across the country, the music around them was changing, their record was released before the launch and the group soon broke up. On Toy's début record, the group consisting of the exiled JL&TJJJJ as well as Charlie Salvidge and Alejandra Diez, no juggling can be noticed.

Instead, this group surfs through the kosmic channel of kraut rock, circling with motor beat, beckoning to buddies The Horrors and giving Syd Barrett their caps as they wander through mesmerizing psychological hop tracks. Had musicandom been a videogame, it would have been one of the later stages to unlock after defeating the head of Jazz World (a crushing Miles Davis who blows furious quarter-tombs off his trumpet).

It' got musik for folks with mustaches. Booming, repeating, psychedelic sound is usually not so funny or impressive. It' strange and beautiful, and you'll want to hear it again as soon as it's over. This is not to make the connection between the Jing Jang Jong and the toy (there are only three out of five members), but the good thing about this innovation is that the lesson has been clearly learnt.

It felt like JL&TJJJJJ was a group that could go anywhere with pointed boots and nothing else later than the middle of the 90s when they went to the indies parties.

The BBC - Music - Review by TOY

The Londoners are delivering their breathtaking début record. A recent interviewer with The Fly, the whimsical band around enchanting front man Tom Dougall, pledged to release a new record every year. It' a tribute to past sagas (in this case all the smart Krautrockers), a nod to great young tutors (hello The Horrors) and then strut his own things pretty majestic.

It' the soundtrack of a bunch that is at last getting to work on what they are good at and full of idea about where to go next.

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