At Claire's world we are ready to offer hours of fun with toys for girls and collectibles for girls. It' a toys bot that teaches children how to program codes and computers. The Cubetto website presents a variety of Cubetto programmers, among them "Algorithms", "The Queue", "Debugging" and "Recursions". Cubetto has been specially developed for kids between the ages of 3 and 6, which means that we have put a lot of emphasis on every detail. Shipment all over the globe?

We are very excited to deliver to 60 different parts of the globe and are working hard to get Cubetto to more customers, which means this number is growing fast.

In order to see if Cubetto is available in your own jurisdiction, please go to our store and see our listing of jurisdictions we deliver to and can you use it in my schoolroom? The Cubetto can experience up to 5 uninterrupted hours of playing with your little one with a single battery pack. Every Cubetto Player Kit comes with a one-year guarantee from the date of original shipment.

That means we make sure we comply with and surpass all certification requirements in the markets we serve. May I become a dealer? To find out if we already have a dealer in your area, please visit our dealer page. Subscribe to our mailinglist to be informed about new publications, rebates and more.

Babies (0-6 months) Active toys for babies

Infant toy activities will amuse your little one all morning and at the same time help him develop. Gonna help your babe explore the galaxy. Select a wide range of sound and light conditions for versatile entertaining. With a foldable stroller and a detachable carrying strap, they are a good choice for those who are always on the go.

Education toys | Education toys for babies & children

Laughter and study go together with our offer of toys. Provide them with a lead before they begin their schooling, using the actively used teaching aids they use during their education. There are many funny ways for your kid to begin to learn and discover from ABC to 123. Bring your little one an animal that is either talkative or entertaining and just see his face glow in amazement.

Join them in making their home a home by giving your kids wood toys for good old-fashioned enjoyment.

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