Toys for 2 year Olds

Toy for 2-year-olds

Presents | Age 2 | Buy toys for 2-year-old girl There is a large choice of gifts for 2 year old girl birthdays. We have soft toys, funny toys, toys and many informative gifts for little girl at the ages of 2 years. Feeding the colourful soft toy Pelican with a big craving for joy! Shuffle and combine 18 magic figures to make funny safaris.

Control colourful murmurs through the labyrinth with the magnet rod. Form sorters for xylophones - piano or jigsaw? Colourful game for sorting xylophones and shapes in one. Friendships make with this vivacious kitten with a sweet, wobbly cock. Combine two wood logs with images of animals to create yard noises. Funny wood egg heads that help to convey emotions - a great invention!

Play 9 bricks, 4 sweet little quizzes - & make the funniest mix of pets. Light, colourful wood activities centre with many thrilling functions. A great kit of beautiful wood logs for construction & piling! Pile and rotate the tiles to make 4 different scenarios - mysterious dinosaur! With this funny wood game drive vehicle, animals' guards help out.

Fantastic wood kit with colourful biscuits, noodles & more. A great wood kit of a mom and her ducky for a stroll. Smile crawler - lightweight, pale and stable - that snaps while driving. 4 colourful, appealing logbooks to help make the whole wide universe bigger.

When mounted, the neat, stackable pup makes a lovely tone. Enjoy mixing & matching trains & pets in 25 magnet sets. Using a magnet rod, transfer the moths into the turtle's shell. Colourful 15-piece kit with clunky, easily put together parts. In its UFO, cutter alien produces a singular lighting effect.

Toy list for 2-6 year olds!

This is a listing of my favorite toys and toys for young kids from 2 to 6 years, all of which encourage open playing, inquisitiveness, autonomy and ingenuity! Recently, many Facebook page users have asked me to compile a listing of my favorite toys and supplies for youngsters.

I really enjoyed it because I am passionately interested in really high-quality, imaginative and smart toys for children. After many years of teaching with quite vigorous welcoming children and now having my own, I have purchased, manipulated and acted with a lot of toys over the last ten years and have a good imagination of which are the best guys for playing creatively.

Either this lists items that we own, that I have used in the class-room or that I currently have on my wish lists for my own kids. There' probably many more things I could probably put on this mailing list, and I can come back and do this after we have tried them ourselves and can confirm that they are marvelous!

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