Toys for Boys Age 1

Toy for boys at the age of 1 years

With our handy Gift Finder you can browse great gifts by age group to find the right one for you. We have toys for every age, with safe designs for toddlers and educational opportunities for older children. Our gifts for children allow you to watch them unpack their favourite toys. Presents for boys & girls from games &

dolls to kits & puzzles, all with 60% less*.

Handpicked toys & gifts for children 1 years old

The colourful wood play tin is playing calming noises as it turns. Amazing wood kit with leaping apes & funny melodic Xylophon tracks. Smooth, padded balloon that speaks to learn your ABCs and 123s. Feeding the colourful fluffy Pelican with a big craving for joy! Enchanting Peruvian toys that teach color and encourage creep!

When mounted, the neat, stackable pup makes a lovely tone. Form sorters for xylophones - piano or jigsaw? Colourful xylophone and form sorting in one. Intelligent wood thrust toys with gators that chew as you walk! This is a nice early study manual with smooth pages. Wonderful 6" Maus made of unsuitable material - absolutely enchanting!

Wonderful children's storybook with smooth fabric pages. A great wood kit of a mom and her ducky for a stroll. 4 colourful, appealing logbooks to help make the whole wide universe bigger. Nice wood-kit with removable Xylophon. Breathtaking 10" stuffed ass - draw his cock to listen to calming soundtrack!

This is a light, colourful, smooth play. Where' s your pup? Walk-along wood pup - walks & sitting! Learn some new moves with this charming woodhound! Pleasant dinosaur pushing along - fully foldable, funny legs. Delicate, delicate, rose and white rabbit, embedded in a spezial giftbox. Two funny toys in one encourage you to walk and crawl.

Designed for infants

This is the Christmas present guidebook for you. Bring the children into their work early with this Dyson Ball reply. Lego's continued appeal knows no boundaries. The Lego Duplo, large tiles that are easily handled by small children, is perfect for bringing boys into the Lego family.

Last year hurachimals were enormous, and this Christmas won't be any different. Featuring the latest version of Star Wars,The Last Jedi, which comes to our displays this December, everything to do with the show will be a Christmas smash at Christmas. At the beginning of the year, the association of toy retailers published its forecast of the best-selling toy for Christmas 2017.

Children can create their own stamps and foams with high performance nerf-blaster. Brio, another Nordic classics, produces a range of high-quality wood toys (mostly models) intended for children aged three and over. Contains a cottage, airfield, railway depot, railway depot, jetty, harbour and more. Presented in the Big Christmas Gift Guide of Telegraph Stella Magazine.

Wonderful slipcase kit with Pauline Baynes' own art work, containing all seven Narnia noveles. Children enjoy lasers, where gamers fire at each other with innocuous light from up to 60 meters away. Adidas' most famous soccer shoe, the Predator, was published just in time for Christmas.

Featuring Premier League celebrities such as Paul Pogba, Dele Alli and Mesut Ozil, they will be an absolute smash for children with a passion for soccer this Christmas. Described in The Sunday Telegraph's Stella Christmas Present Book. It is the first skin care line in Great Britain for teenagers.

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