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Best 9 Videogames at the New York Toy Fair 2018

Videogames and toys used to exist in different environments. However, with the toy to living category that seems to be breaking down, where do toys and videogames go? At this year's New York Toy Fair we took a look into this bright sun and here we choose our nine favorite toys.

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Toy deaths

As Disney last evening said it would give up publishers, kill Disney Infinity and close the 300-strong Avalanche avalanche gym that created the flagship toy, the toy market's bright prospects took a hit.

While Disney had already hinted at turbulent conditions in the divisions, frankly explaining that the 2016 Infinity 2016 pause had been taken, the NDP had forecast that the markets would shrink despite 7 percent expansion in 2015, and Infinity's major historic rival had also fallen short of expectations, leading to more redundancies.

Nonetheless, other determinants point to a potentially gold rush for Disney's Disney digitale toys boxes, with a huge surge from the revival of Star Wars, which sold an estimated $200 million in Infinity games and sets last fall. Like always, Disney IP's near-bottomless fountain seemed to offer a host of potentially new possibilities for the Infinity franchise over the next few years, with several near-secure clusterbusters designed to fit seamlessly with the demographic metrics of toys to live on.

Despite the most adverse forecasts of the overall state of the economy, both NDP analysis and new industry participants offered innovative approaches, with innovations and the move to the cell phone providing new ways for evolution. However, the fact is that the leader (after Disney himself) has retired from a store that ballooned incredible quickly before encountering a stammering that many think may be the first glimmer of a cracking bladder.

Certainly it would not be the first resort of a peripherally run company to collapse due to sudden failure of innovative thinking - the effects of sculptural instruments are still sorely felt in many people's heads - but many are optimistic that toys to live with are much less a comedy.

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"Musical games that were innovatively designed with new play styles, songlists, and the addition of new tools, but there was a limit to the amount of play you could play because you ended up singing a track. "However, there are parallels in the minds of many businesses that share the same targeted markets, which means a reduction in consumers' spending, so I think a broader population goal is needed for further expansion.

" "What happens in the toy industry today is that they're not innovative," said Jumo CCO Chris Esaki. "They don't alter the play that much. As a gambler, if something doesn't improve, you just get weary. "Steve Bailey of analysts IHS is not so sure whether there is much clear evidence between the TTL and rock band and guitar hero markets, but admits that the absence of true innovations has been a crucial element in overcoming the dynamics of the markets.

"For me, the toy-to-life move felt very similar to the peripherally driven rythm actions booming around 2008 (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, et al.). "As soon as someone has purchased into the essence of what you offer, it can be a much harder job for a games firm to buy a full upgrade a year later than to produce a full update a year later than a traditional continuation of a play (which of course can be costly, but is a relatively well-established idea).

"Some of the pressures the sector is under is the need to develop the range of toys physically, which is why we pushed Skylander into cars last year. However, it seems that, while editors have been trained in the development of persuasive games with included toys, we are still just beginning to understand how games and toys can work together.

When Lego and Activision want to stay prolific in this sector, they need to consider expanding (e.g. Activision's Animations Connections for Skylander) or intensifying (e.g. developing a more seductive interaction between games and toys) the offer. "Concerning Disney's withdrawal, I suppose it has seen the costs and efforts needed to get Disney Infinity as a new product in the consoles business and found it too dangerous.

To say nothing of the fact that Disney has made a number of important pledges to the games publisher industry over the past ten years - think of the more than $500 million Playdom takeover in 2010, or its offers to go into the consoles business via Junction Point/Black Rock Studios - but these efforts have not yielded any significant gains.

"Although the big actors have withdrawn from the toy markets, the concept of the networked toy will be kept going by a source of smaller businesses working to find out how the concepts of physics toys and games can interact" "Even though the big actors have withdrawn from the toy world, the concept of the networked toy will be kept going by a source of smaller businesses working to find out how the concepts of physics toys and videogames can interact" "Even if the big actors have withdrawn from the toy markets,

Networked toys (or whatever you call it) are kept going by a source of smaller businesses working to find out how the concepts of toys and games can interoperate - for example, mythical creatures - so that the sector doesn't just dying, but finding new meaning through a different set of configurations.

" The Fabulous Beasts is a play by Sensible Object, a small London start-up company with a love for innovations in the field of toys for living. The founder Alex Fleetwood says that the creative energy needed to keep the business going is already there. There are a number of low-cost ways we can use a number of prototype and scale games, and we've found that retailers are very open to new games and businesses.

Technology like 3-D Print, Arduino and Unity enable us to put physical/digital evolution into the hands of minute team, crown-funding and e-commerce enable us to expand. "So, as the shadows of Infinity fade, Skylander, LEGO Dimensions, and a new wave of smaller rivals may be able to blow up the fragment of their former audiences by changing the core aspect of game play, but the platform-like character of the industry is likely to work against them, with the entrenched models working against it.

Moreover, after investing in a kit of costly toys and associated softwares, they may not be interested in opening the doors to another licenced yard with walls. "I' m still amazed at the messages because it doesn't seem long ago that Disney Infinity was ready to take over the world," said Rob Purchase, author and parental of Eurogamer Senior Staff.

"Infinity was suffering because other folks, like me, had already shopped at a Skylander. I didn't get excited by the idea of gathering another costly character kit, it pushed me off, and I'd even divert my kid to games stores so he wouldn't stay on Disney Infinity screens. "Perhaps the phrase wasn't right; perhaps Disney Infinity could have been more forgiving when it came to using license type character in a storyline ad for another license.

Always thought that Skylanders' mix of basic actions and basic riddles was just right for my boy. Maybe there just wasn't a place in the store for the two - it didn't expand to include two brand names. Will this mean happier evenings for Skylander and LEGO Dimensions as they take advantage of Disney Infinity's withdrawal, or will it mean that they, too, will face troubling years?

There' only so many toys for games I'm willing to buy. "My kids like the toy industry, but they're always fickle," added Matt Martin, VG247 editorial director. Prizes for these toy-to-life games and supplies are difficult to swollow for parents, but kids consider them to be just toys, and have very little value proposition.

So, in this way, they're just the next big thing; one is Disney Infinity, the next is webbands. "Disney Infinity has been on the shelves long enough, so I don't think it's damaging parents' confidence. There is still the possibility to play the puzzle and the characters will not vanish for some while.

Like most games, however, Disney Infinity has been over for a while, the humming is over, the kids are on. Disney's gonna keep going. I totally get why. "Acttivision must be hoping that the abrupt lack of its main competitor will open the door to a competitive edge - the publishing house will double the Skylanders franchise with a new franchise and an associated TV show in 2016.

Josh Taub, Senior Vice President, Product Management, asked for an opinion in reaction to Infinity's resignation and was very interested in reaffirming the company's dedication to Scylanders. "We' re making a stunning Skylander 2016 with Toys For Bob, the pioneering Toys to Life developer studios, leading the way.

" "We' re making a stunning Skylander 2016 with Toys For Bob, the pioneering Toys to Life developer studios, leading the way. "So what do business analysts think of the impact of the latest on Skylander, LEGO Dimensions and the wider world? "Disney killing its Infinity Franchise and discontinuing games publishers as a whole is no total shock when you consider the huge changes the store and sector have undergone since Infinity was launched in 2013," says Warman.

"There was a combined factor here, some directly related to Infinity, others directly affecting Disney's entire publisher franchise. "The continuing relocation of children's games spend to smart phones and tables and the overthrow of Wii console units, which are specifically designed for this audience, are directly affecting our ability to deliver games to children.

The investments needed to develop, distribute and retailers a range of tangible goods are huge and hazardous in a fully digitized eco-system driven marketplace. "Games rule books have been changing a lot in recent years, and I think that's why Disney is withdrawing from games altogether.

Since all games are now operated as a full scale operation, most of the cash is earned after the release of the first one. Totally different from the organisation that Disney founded to promote and resell Disney branded product and best-of-breed entertainments. "It''s also the reasons why other long-established publishing houses have been struggling over the past five years to close the gap with smaller gamers, who have been established from the beginning to run (free) games as a convenience.

As Disney knows that it takes years to master the craft of trading, he does not want to turn part of his organisation into another structure. The majority of seasoned editors in the new Games-as-a-Service area want to set up their own IP." However, Disney is doing itself a favor by closing its games publisher operations.

It should not be forgotten that Disney has been trying for years to establish itself sustainably in the games industry. Although revenues from consoles and PCs are growing with the addition of online entertainment, we see Disney Infinity earning less than a million dollars a year. And, since LEGO, Skylanders and Amiibo are considered rivals in retailing, it is unlikely that Disney will achieve a dominating position.

"On the one hand, the toys for living class is costly, and since several large companies overcrowd the shelves in retailers, it does not make much of sense to prolong lifes. Slowing down now that the class is beginning to get slower, we'll see how the others make it, but Disney has a bigger choice of choices to reach the audience.

Better to let others take the risks of developing games. As a result, Disney is likely to step up its effort to licence its real estate, rather than using it alone. As well as the shock waves that are propagating on the tax markets, the very personal dimension must also be taken into account.

And Disney had eight studio companies working on the Infinity franchise: Avalanche, which forms the heart of the gameplay, Studio Gobo, Sumo Digital and Digital Front, the gameplay sets and Blind Squirrel, Panic Button and Heavy Iron, which work on the port and other issues. "We' re dissapointed to learn that The Walt Disney Company will not continue the Disney Infinity franchise," said Tony Beckwith, director of Studio Gobo.

"Over the past four years we have worked very closely with our buddies at Avalanche and many of the Disney people. "We are very proud of the games we have played alongside them and wish them well for the coming years. We decided last year to expand the business and set up a second Brighton facility with two high-profile developments under way and others underway.

"Conventional shelf experience has awakened toys to life in the virtual realm, and we now see the creation of virtual adventures that bring toys to life in the virtual realm. Instead of toys being a part of the videogame, it is the videogame that can give added value to the actual product.

" So Sumo Digital could not make a statement at the moment of going to print and referred us to Disney and the Ninja theory also refused to talk about the protocol. I hope they had the necessary amount of free adjustment without losing their jobs, but losing a profitable customer like Disney is never good business for a company, an indian or not.

However, it is enough to say - although this is a slap in the face for the toy to live on in the near term and a step that has clearly shocked some investor and analyst alike, it is not a definitive condemnation of the UK economy. When Disney closed down Black Rock five years ago, as the industries saw, sometimes a huge felling is exactly what a wood needs.

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