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I' ve expanded my online toyshop The management of any retailer requires serious multitasking. Lowe launched Farm Toys Online in 2008, just as the economic downturn began. Surely she had the right abilities - she had previously run an education farming and website designing company. "She says, "With Farmy Toys Online, I was able to put into action what I had preached.

The core of the company is a line of high-quality toys that appeals to children and their families - from riddles to riding bikes. How'd it go? "Julia says, if you begin in a downturn, it can only go up." "Our first year was good and we thereafter twice our sales every year.

" A number of essential factors have contributed to this achievement, not least the product itself. "Gifts for kids are one of the last things even in difficult times," says Julia. "In fact, Julia tried to introduce lower -priced stockings a year before Christmas, but they simply didn't work.

"Humans want quality," says Julia. It' not surprising that Christmas is a critical sales season - Family Toys Online can generate 65% of its revenue in the pre-Christmas months. Because the company focused on providing customers with the best possible support, they had to ensure that every order was shipped on schedule.

"The shipment was a nightmare," Julia tells us. "There are many different vendors, mainly in the UK, and we own most of the warehouse itself, apart from the large mounted tractors," Julia states. "Julia says all the ways we market drive business." "Among these technologies are: online promotion via Google AdWords; SEO; PR; community relations.

Juliet also sold on Amazon and eBay. Julia says that many clients have the assurance that they are purchasing a product from an online site like Amazon. That' s why we make sure we are always here at the end of a telephone so folks can call and learn more about our product.

" As the mother of three children, Julia's children have a vital role to play in testing and selecting the toys she is selling. "Children are a big part of my whole lifecycle and this kind of shop allows me to hang out with them during the holiday, when doing sport or just schooling.

"This was good for work.

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