Toys Online Shopping

Toy Online Shopping

Chinese toy market booms on the Internet Incomes of China's urban dwellers are rising steadily, this improvement has enhanced the lives of their families, and the small scale demands of their families have stimulated the China toys industry. Overall retailer turnover of toys and gaming in China has increased from Rmb71 to Rmb71 according to Euro Monitor. A marked change was observed from conventional, medium to low battery-powered toys, kits and ornamental toys to advanced electronics toys, smart toys and upscale soft toys and ornamental fabric toys. There are currently around 226 million under 14s in continental China.

China's increasing online presence and continued economical expansion has made the prospects for the China toys industry bright. Some 93% of respondents said that "I am hoping that my baby can have a good and prosperous life; I will keep buying toys to meet my child's needs for toys".

As a rule, older kids between the ages of 6-12 are awarded by their parent for their good performance. Juvenile kids from 3 years already know which toys they want and would ask their parent for them. Most of the kids (73%) learn new toys trend from their mates.

Kids between the ages of 9-14 get to know new toys from the web and their favourite are online toys. What kind of toys are most loved by China's kids? Competitive conditions in the China toys industry are fierce in costs and innovations. In general, there is a high level of interest in overseas trademarks due to their worldwide appeal and good perceived qualities.

The higher to medium range segment is dominant by foreign trademarks, while local trademarks dominate the lower end of the segment. Electronic interactive toys have a great deal of growing capacity. These categories apply to both traditional toys, such as toy actions, and experiential toys, such as games of artificiality, games of mental perception and games of intelligence. Disney stuffed animals and celebrity figurines are loved by kids and grown-ups of all age.

Because of the large online coverage and smooth online shopping with simple payment solutions, the online store is chosen by China's people. A 2010 survey found that only 14% of online parental searches were for toys. In the last year, 79% of those who purchased toys online selected the Taobao online toy buying market.

TMALL (56%) and com ( 39%) are among the other e-commerce platform companies. What can international children's toy brands do to promote e-commerce in China? eCommerce plattforms in China are accessible to almost everyone in China. It is also regarded as the most comfortable way of shopping. Buyers can discuss the price and characteristics of the finished goods, so they can compare different price levels on different plattforms. Every Chinese municipality has easy acces to goods and low cost shipping.

While the possibilities are amazing, there are limitations due to culture barrier, linguistic differences and stringent guidelines for e-commerce platform. But there are two important ways to get into Chinese e-commerce and be successfull. Brand building and international branding on well-known e-commerce plattforms. On the Chinese toy market, in general, parental concerns are about security (66%) and style/exterior styling (55%) of the work.

Soft toys are loved by young women of different ages. Whereas young guys like RC/electrical toys and figures from beloved animated figures. A number of international marques suffered a detrimental effect on corporate identity when their campaigns went bad. Therefore, it is wise to work with the domestic eCommerce agent as they have the right capabilities to find a sweatpot between the international value of the trademark and the preferences of China's consumer.

With 57%, TMALL has the largest slice of the China e-commerce mart. First and foremost, it concentrates on high-end brand names. TMALL is the most costly e-commerce platform in China. This offers international brand names the possibility to open online shops and directly offer goods to China's consumer without a physical presence in China.

AMALL has an invitations guideline according to which only qualifying global trademarks can be invitated or applied for through a locally based DMA. Please consult your online advertising agent for more information on how to purchase your multinational product through TMG. At JD, we are China's biggest online directory distributor. In relative terms, it has a smaller overall audience than allows multinational businesses to open their own online shops. JD's cross-border services enable vendors to directly supply China's consumer without a locally based sales force. How to buy toys in China via Haitao Web Interface? A number of cross-border sites exist that address global trademarks. Traditional Haitao customers in China tend to buy Haitao website imports.

In order to find out which Haitao is right for your particular marque, please get in touch with the international marquees' regional advertising company in your area. This is the biggest eCommerce platform for eCommerce in China. The Taobao website allows companies, whether or not they are registred, to directly offer their products to the consumer. Setting up a shop on Taobao is practically free, but the online emporium is governed by small retailers who fight hard for prices and integrity, and genuineness is an unwritten code of business conduct.

WChat is rooted in the lifestyle of China's consumer. It' an all-in-one application that smoothly blends together eCommerce and eCommerce. Our web shop offers many opportunities for multinational brand names to communicate efficiently with China's consumer. You can use the online shop to administer your product range, to accept orders, to present your product range and to administer your customers' complaint. To learn more about how to administer the Web chat shop, it is recommended that global corporations work with the Digital Marketing Agency, which is willing to request an official Web chat account on your name.

Interested in marketing children's toys in the China e-commerce arena and learning how to reach digital consumer audiences in China? Please feel free to call us for a kind conversation and inform yourself about the perspectives of your trademark in the China e-commerce business. Digital Marketing offers the best global branding tool to tap this huge and exciting digital marketing space.

Should you be interested in discovering the China digital e-commerce platform, please contact us for an individual consultation.

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