Traditional Wooden Toys

Wooden traditional toy

Wooden traditional toy Kids have been playing with wooden toys for hundreds of years. Several of these toys have endured the passing of the times and have been passed down from age to age. Energy-packed kids will adore our amateur horses, the lash and the top or sabolo. Kids who want a more contemplative pastime can use our wooden weave or our trendy fabrics.

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Wooden cubes create many times of wonder and enjoyment. Beautiful, handmade, traditional British toys. Wooden cups and balls in brilliant yellows, reds and greens. In all weathers, the kids will have a lot of enjoyment with this wooden galley specially developed for playing outdoors. This magnificent wooden treasure cylinders are appreciated by all age groups.

It can be used vertically on the wooden pedestal or on the side and inclined downwards. It' a four-piece wooden doll family that' set and awaits all the adventure the little ones are up to! The set contains Mama, Papa and their two kids (a son and a daughter) who are all anxious to move into a new home.

This is a great complement to any wooden doll house or our Small World Playsets. There are four ways to develop skills in this wooden house with a door bell at each door! Wall-mounting brackets included in delivery. Storing inside the box is secure and effective as the computer turret and wires are kept on the back of the desktop in such a way that they are not readily available to kids.

Elephant designed attractive, sleek and easy to manipulate wallcovering that offers a variety of precision driving activity that several kids can simultaneously do. Arm and leg are made of a pliable, adaptable fabric for added value. Fire up fanciful game with this beautiful wooden fire brigade game set from Tidlo. Every wooden mould is attached to the baseplate.

The kids are infinitely amused by the Fishes manipulative board with mirrored, as they lead the various wooden parts on paths to reach the ultimate goals. Challenge skill and handling abilities in this group. Ideal for any playing and studying environment. Animal figures made of wood with fully usable links and hinges.

This consists of a string of elastic synthetic material sections, which enables your equipment to be perfectly positioned. Many of our clients love our beautiful wooden car park for its simplicity, durability and funny functions. An excellent wood ply car park and gas filling stations with repair shop, loading bay and car park. Simplistic styling with enough functions for kids to enjoy their fantasies.

This is a great hideaway and a playground for small kids. The kids can act as if they are going to have a nice summers game in the shed. Kids are inventive and fanciful when they pile, blend and combine 25 different ring designs. For use with the removable doors, this large cave provides a large interior clearance and has simple entry from both sides.

Forty giant wooden bumper sets made of large wooden block blanks to provide inspiration for every prospective mason! Big brawn and fantasies are tough at work when kids are building with these easy-to-grip wooden cubes. Kids will be able to construct and construct on a large scale and at the same time provide an innovative and thrilling valve for vigorous and enthusiastic people.

A traditional pickup stick playing technique that has been converted into physical demanding gear for the development of physical aptitude. Two or more kids are holding the canes before they let them go and run away at the same with them. Kids will enjoy this irresistible 3-storey toy log home with 6 roomy rooms accessible from either the front or the back.

Improve STEM-based activity with the 6-piece kit, ideal for group game. This is a great complement to the Blockspiel series. 8 pads per pack: 4 rectangular and 4 crescent molds. Ideal for open playing, this large kit also develops your finest movement. The Happy Architect Town is an infinitely fanciful game of creativity.

Arthur the legend and knights of the Round Table are reproduced in the most powerful style within the ramparts of this wonderfully carved wooden fortress. Amazingly rendered, this wood wilderness not only features a female royalty, but also a royalty, a lady, a princely figure, a girl and even a fairy! This wooden hippo wall toy is not only optically breathtaking for any environment, but also offers a variety of interesting handling activity for a lone kid or group of kids to play and explore together.

The operation is uninterrupted in the new fire department and you have to help the firefighter because he has another very hard working one! Wooden stick with 12 wooden rings, which are placed to make a lot of cheerful and loud noises. The Ritterburg playtent is perfect for indoors and outdoors.

This is a light and sweet introductory tutorial for small kids with a little track crawling through a glowing crimson applet! It' perfect for an busy schoolroom. These wonderful wooden mirrors are perfect for the exploration rooms of the first years. There are two open sides, window and door, which makes it easy for kids to access and preserves these little features.

Journey to Greenland with this large wooden boat. Completely made of rubber wood from sustainably sourced wood, this boat, figurines, animals and toys are all strong, robust and wonderfully crafted to last for many years. Out of our Leave Me Outdoor range, this Outdoor Mess Around Kitchen is a great role-playing outdoor gaming device that stays safe year-round.

Turn your walls into a sensorial integrated game area! Suitable for clear right or lefties handed kids. Mediaeval wooden lock and figure kit that can be used in kindergartens and at home. You will find a large variety of contemporary, classical and traditional wooden toys for kids of all age groups here at our school.

Our wide assortment of traditional wooden toys will give you the agony of choosing. In addition to that, because they are designed to be long-lasting and far more long-lasting than other toys, wooden toys profit from durability and are often handed down from generations to generations, which means they provide great value for price, long lasting enjoyment and a life long memory.

Regardless of the size of the child you have in mind, we are sure that you will find the right wooden toys. When you are shopping for a little girl or boy, take a look at our wide selection of wooden toys, which includes wooden bricks and other toys for children to learn and learn such as wooden letter boxes and form sorts.

Wooden toys and wooden toys provide many development advantages for all ages. We have a large range of wooden toys for older kids such as wooden trains, wooden dollhouses, wooden farming kits, wooden boats, wooden pirates, wooden balancing bicycles and wooden easel.

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