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Fashionable Baby Clothing | Baby Clothing Presents

Proud to stock only the best grade biological cottons for our baby clothes, which are sensitive to the baby's epidermis. We offer baby gloves, baby biscuits, baby wax, baby T-shirts, baby knot caps, baby twins and baby gifts. Manufactured from 100% biological wool that gives the baby slippers a supremely smooth feeling, perfectly for the sensitive baby's skins and a pressure that uses no chemical and does not harm the fabric to provide a smooth feeling with a sparkly look.

Our production includes a wide selection of motherhood stops specifically developed for our motherhood underwear and for pregnant women. Developed to withstand a bulging dent, these hats are made from 100% biological wool for ultimate comfort. This is a great motherhood present for mothers, a funny prenatal present that is also an excellent item of motherhood outfit.

We have a line of T-shirts for ladies for the mothers out there, which has been created for proud new mothers. With our unique assortment we offer fathers during gestation as well as funny design for daddies and new fathers on our men's t-shirts. All our maternal and paternal grown-up T-shirts are also made from 100% bio to provide comfort and meet the highest demands.

Those Daddy T-shirts and Mommy T-shirts have also been combined with our Baby T-shirts to make our Baby T-shirts truly special and select Daddy and Baby gifts and Mommy and Baby gifts. Genuine gifts for every occassion and every reason. They are 100% biological and meet the same high standard as our other range of biological clothes.

You can combine these T-shirts with our baby tank tops to create a great present for older brothers and sisters, a great present for any occassion. All our apparel meets the high requirements of the Fair Wear Standard, the Global Organic Textile Standard, the Soil Association Organics Standard and CO2 reduction with the Carbon Trust.

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