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A great shop worth the detour if you don't live in Pudsey, just got baby shoes for our little girl and amazing quality at very good prices. Data protection If you buy something in our shop as part of the purchasing and sales processes, we record the personally identifiable information you supply such as your name, your postal and e-mail addresses. If you surf in our shop, we also obtain your computer's IP location in order to give us information that will help us know more about your web browsing experience and your computer system.

We may, with your approval, email you about our shop, new product and other product upgrades. By providing us with personally identifiable information in order to process a payment order, validate your payment method, place an order, effect a shipment or make a refund, we agree that we may collect and use such information only for that particular use.

When we ask for your personally identifiable information for a collateral purpose, such as to market it, we will either ask you directly for your explicit permission or give you the option to opt-out. If we are legally obliged to do so, or if you breach our conditions of use, we may reveal your person-related data.

Information is collected through Siteground database and general Siteground use. We will only keep your purchasing transactions information for as long as is necessary to process your purchasing transactions.

Your details will be erased once the transactions have been completed. Each of the gateway for payments is PCI-DSS compliant, administered by the PCI Security Standard Council, a collaborative project of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover brand names. The PCI-DSS compliance helps our shop and its services provider guarantee the safe processing of your personal information.

You can also refer to Stripe's General Conditions here or the Data Protection Statement here for more information. Generally, the third-party suppliers we use will only gather, use and reveal your data to the extend necessary for them to be able to render the requested legal advice. Certain third parties, however, such as pay gateway and other payers, have their own specific data protection guidelines regarding the information we must make available to them for your purchase-related purchases.

We encourage these vendors to review their data protection practices so that you can better understand how your personally identifiable information is processed by these vendors. Please note in particular that certain suppliers may be in a different legal system from you or us or may have institutions at their disposal.

Therefore, if you choose a third parties transactions, your information may be governed by the law (s) of the jurisdiction(s) in which that third parties entity or its entities are incorporated. For example, if you are in Canada and your transactions are handled by a payments portal in the United States, your personally identifiable information used to complete that transactions may be disclosed under United States law, the Patriot Act included.

As soon as you exit our shop's website or are directed to a website or third-party service provider's website or applications, you will no longer be subject to this Policy or the Site's General Conditions. If you click on a link in our shop, it will take you away from our website. It is not our responsibility to endorse the data protection policies of other Web Sites and we recommend that you review their policies.

In order to safeguard your personally identifiable information, we take appropriate safeguards and adhere to best business practice to ensure that it is not unduly compromised, misused, accessed, divulged, modified or compromised. Each time you submit your credential information to us, the information is secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) encoding and AES-256-encoding.

Please note that we may change this statement at any notice, so please check back regularly. When we make significant changes to this Statement, we will inform you here that it has been revised so that you know what information we gather, how we use it, and under what conditions, if any, we use it and/or disclose it.

When our business is purchased or combined with another business, your information may be shared with the new owner so that we can still resell our product to you. Notice that this data protection statement was last revised on 18 May 2018 and is liable to update at any moment.

We therefore encourage you to review this Privacy Statement from-time to time to make sure you are satisfied with our posted practices.

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