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Prizewinning diaper bag to buy for 2018

PacaPod is a UK based company with the skill of multifunctional diaper bags organization that wins this year's MFM Awards Gold with ease. The 41 litre version has many functions to help you find all the little things you need in no time - inner parents' bags with keys and movable dividers, inner loading space where the pod is stored, a light diaper change and removable stroller clip.

Even more important, as with the most practical diaper cases, the silver award winning Charli has several pockets to keep baby products out. There is a large bag for a baby blanket - which also serves as a notebook drawer - and pockets for diapers, towels and bottled soap.

Although the diaper change pad must be purchased seperately, this item is still a permanent champion with our referees. The jurors liked the look of this courier case that puts lots of stylish emphasis on its budget-friendly price tag. Removable cushioned shoulder strap allows parent to carry it in comfort as they wish and we like the trendy maritime band.

Just sleek, classy and luxuriously effortless, all describe the Skip Hop Greenwich rucksack. It is very roomy and has two zippered drawers, which makes it perfect for twin parenting, or when you need to put everything in the pocket and keep dirty/clean baby items apart. The attachable stroller belts, the side bottles and the padded wrap cushion also make it handy.

Perfect for mothers who want to get away from the masses, this luxury diaper change case is the perfect choice. It' s classy look conceals handy functions such as a smudge-proof inner liner, an internally isolated flask cage and a fully isolated side pouch for small snappies. It also has a cushioned diaper change and even an inner notebook case.

Designed with an eye to stylish design and function, the multi-functional 5-in-1 Diaper Case was designed by toT' s jury when they gave it the silvery chime. Available in lilac, gray, blue and beige, the pocket features inside pocket and concealed outside pocket to help keep things tidy, as well as two large side pocket thermo-lockers.

The Infinity can be carried as a rucksack, messenger belt, carrier belt or on a pram with a suitable cushioned diaper change area. Woburn Design Diaper Bags from Zellie Adventure are a classy and highly practical parenting choice. It' s a large enough room, but has a lot of functions to keep everything very organized and handy.

There are also many pockets in the master pouch, as well as isolated areas for storing flasks and groceries, and a hygiene baby change room and more. The look of the case and the fact that it doesn't cry "baby" is what we love: it's a stylish accessoire that would look good on anyone, and you can even order yours with your initiallys on a pendant.

Are you looking for a diaper bag that can be used as a stylish handbags, if you do not have any educational responsibilities, then you have found it. Now for the handy part: The case has top grips and a removable long belt so you can grasp it or slide it over your shoulders to keep your freehand.

It is waterproof, has an isolated flask compartment and a suitable diaper change. The Baby K'Tan diaper change with integrated nappy pouch is perfect for all those unavoidable untidy mornings. Manufactured with an antimicrobial liner, this extra case is one you can put anything in - dirty clothing, reusable diapers and even your own training gear.

Just tear up the purse and go! Offering some great pockets such as a wipe holder, water cup holder, a concealed bottom and a spacious front zipper compartment, this beautiful diaper changing case in solid fabric offers great storage for replacement clothing, even for long journeys. Ideal for a fast and convenient baby pack on the go.

Simply put it in your sack, the stroller cage or attach it to the stroller for simple acces to your baby's wipers and utensils.

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