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Lewis John removed "girls" and "boys" stickers in children's attire.

Lewis is the first retail company in the UK to abolish separated clothes ranges for men and women. To offer a " greater selection and diversity " to the customer, the shop has taken the label " girl " and " boy " off the clothes and taken away the sign " girl " and " boy " in the stores.

In order to emphasize that the product can be carried by both sexes, John Lewis' private label apparel now says "Girls & Boys" or "Boys & Girls". The 0-14 year-old children's line will also include gender-neutral styles, among them dinosaur print clothes. Blueprints for a new section of plain clothes uniforms for schools are in preparation, and retailers are looking at how children's dress codes are shown on their website, although on-line shoppers can still look for "girls" or "boys" if they wish.

We don't want to strengthen sex stereotypes in our John Lewis collection, we want to offer our clients more choices and diversity so that parents or children can select what they want to wear," said Caroline Bettis, John Lewis Children's Clothing Manager. A Twitter member said "it's a big move to teach guys and gals who they can be, who they want to be," while others said "gender neutral is the upside!

A few described the ruling as "shocking" and "crazy" and Tory deputy Andrew Bridgen said scraping the tags would be "confusing" for them. I have no clue what John Lewis would own to do that. Young men and women label and signboards are informative," he said to The Daily Mail. for their six-year-old kid.

All Clothes be Clothes Campaigns, which calls on retail outlets to end the use of sex stereotypes among children's apparel, hope, however, that other retail outlets will be following in John Lewis's tracks. For us, this is a straightforward, rational movement that helps families and kids choose the clothes that they like best," the group weaved.

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