Unique Baby Equipment

Unrivalled baby equipment

Baby groovystyle equipment for prams, pushchairs and travel systems. Groovystyle offers the best equipment you need for your baby. Also we have a range of baby equipment for hire. His strength makes him a unique pram for the country.

Baby-equipment / toy rental

No matter if you go to the shore, lounge by the swimming pools or need something to keep the children entertained while you are in your cottage, we have a variety of games available for you. Also we have a number of baby equipment for rent. Below you will find some of our great equipment available.

The indicated rates are valid for 7 / 14 days rent. Longer or short rents on demand. Further articles are available on demand. PRIZES:

Baby- and children's room | Argos

Prepare your home and make it baby-safe with our range of child security toys. You will find amazing things such as baby monitor for security; baby bath to keep them tidy; baby rocker for a funny way to boost your leg; baby walking aids to help you take your first step; baby diaper bag to refresh them; baby buggy to take them around the outside and more.

Zebra crossing Jane M

Because of its strong point it is a unique pram for the land. In addition, its large dimensioned single wheel mounted castors and aluminum tube frame make it particularly durable and secure, giving it a unique and very attractive look. Stand-alone wheel mount with dampers for ultimate baby ride and outstanding off-road perform.

Folds compactly, even when the chair is suspended, thanks to its removable castors and unique fold movement that makes it 10% more compacts. I have large all-terrain bikes with PU tires that are 10x tougher than traditional EVA tires and breakaway. A large, roomy seating assembly with a number of different seating locations, complete with a fully horizontally reclined fl at location designed for neonates.

Maximum pull-out protective cap with visor: 50 UPF ultraviolet ray shield, hydrophobic and windproof. Removable front or rear seating with large pull-out hoods. Thanks to the small, foldable and exclusively Pro-Fix system, any Jané tub or stretcher can be fitted, making the sidewalk one of the most flexible and flexible prams in the word.

Big, puncture-proof PU tyres that are 10 x tougher and offer lots of space for all terrain. Newborn reclining chair with pull-out hooded head and 50 UPF rear sight, water-repellent and windproof. The 85-107 cm leatherette handle bar is ergonomically designed with a colour-coordinated seam. Even when the fit is in place, its removable castors and patent fold function make it 10% more compacts.

Collapsible fold system (patented). Turnable and removable seating assembly. Folds compactly even when the seating assembly is still fastened. Removable castors for added compaction. Big off-road rims with PU tires that have better cushioning characteristics and are 10x more resistant than conventional EVA tires. Front locking castors.

Maximum pull-out protective cap with visor: 50 UPF ultraviolet ray shield, hydrophobic and windproof. The Jané Matrix 2 provides the most secure, healthy, convertible, all-in-one reclining surface, carry cot and auto occupant comfort, the folding carry cot, which provides a convenient, lightweight and low-profile way to transport your baby during rest.

Koos, one of the most secure and lightweight baby stroller fits on the street, is a convertable stroller, stroller and carrier bag in one. Each Jané child care product has a unique and practical look.

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