Unique Baby Girl Clothes Gifts

Beautiful Baby Girls Clothing Gifts

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Gemini Baby Clothing Gifts

Looking for a nice and unique baby present for two? So look no further than this present for Gemini baby clothes. Childbirth is a very particular event and the childbirth of a baby is double. Allow us to make you a wonderful present. A unique baby double dress present that looks like a bunch of bouquets, but tucked between the lovely (artificial) flower and leafy greenery are hand-picked baby clothes that make a wonderful and handy present for two!

The garments are all made of high quality organic cotton and are covered by major baby brand names. In addition, the colours of the flower and material used are fadeless and do not affect dress. As the clothes are in couples, this ostrich is perfect to commemorate the twin's coming as an extraordinary present, to give to the new parent or to take to the baby party.

Can also be used as a nice centrepiece in a baby twin showers. Wonderful baby clothes present for every mother. Featuring this Gemini Baby Clothing Bunch Gift: Every baby clothes bunch is available in different colors and is presented in a classy, color-coordinated jar. These bouquets are shown in the colors "yellow and white".

Bunch Baby - Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Handmade in our UK workshops, these custom baby bunches are an excellent and convenient option for new mothers and their babies. They look like blossoms, but if you take a close look you will see that the bud is replaced by handmade baby clothes!

Sustainable production by us

We use only fair-trade lace from Turkey, which is known as the smoothest soft fabric in the word, and we never use synthetic materials for our packages. It is our belief that sustainable development and equitable trading are the keys to a better future.

Well, who says the boys' wardrobe's dull? Silver 925 gold plated baby name ribbons and pin.

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