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Baby-girl clothing: Beautiful selection of unique newborn dresses with free gift bag, greeting card & all winnings for abandoned babies. Mail daily online So, it may not be strange that Kylie Jenner hopes to replicate the same familiar surroundings for her own Stormida. This 21-year-old has shown that she not only wants another "baby", but also hopes for a girl and has already begun to think about her name. If I do, I'd like to have more of it with you.

I' ve been thinkin' about some name, but I haven't found anything I like, either, that' me lovin' it. Hopefully, but I want her to have a female name. Next Kylie was asked, "Who does your friend remember most about you? Kylie, who also showed a tape of herself pouring a kiss on Stormi, said the child was a father's girl.

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Loving father Dan Osborne has shown a lovely little clip of Mia's "first little laugh". Celebrity Big Brother's celebrity is uploading a heart-warming tape of his little girl who is three month old, smiles and laughs at her father. It'?s their favorite thing, kicking Daddy's ass!" before Dan went out just a few days before Mia's was born.

Commenting on the OK! Magazin, Dan said, "It's no mystery that we went through a really tough period, but we're back together and things are really good. At the beginning of the year we parted company, but we began to get back on course when Mia was given birth in June, and now it's better than ever between us."

"was a new found affection and esteem for Jacqueline. "The former East Enders celebrity, who also has Ella's third daugther, Dan, said, "Our marriage bands are firm again and we are even more strong than ever.

Sewn with words of love: This is a gown in honor of the Teen Girl who died 79 years ago.

This was a lifetime that ended at the age of 14 and was abandoned by everyone except those nearest to her. The Belfast writer Heather Richardson has been working with the work of charity for the past two years, designing a gown for her deceased queen Kathleen Hutchinson. Published on popular news outlets, the history of the gown has conquered the minds and minds of young and old who would otherwise never have known the young girl whose lifestyle it inspires.

The breathtaking dress stitched with canvas that Heather calls a Kathleen dress is what Heather envisions her queen would have wore on her 21 st anniversary if she could have celebrated it. Kathleen began working at the William Clark & Sons cloth mill in 1939. A 14-year-old woman from a 11-child household, she drove home from work when she was killed in an automobile crash.

In 1946, the year in which her Auntie would have turned 21, Heather looked on the web for a sample of her clothes. Commemorating her dad, who after all these years still grieves his dear little girl, Kathleen stitched words on the gown that captured the historical detail of her past as Kathleen would have it.

It is a wonderful one-of-a-kind product that will be shown to the general public alongside outfits by clothing artists at the Northern Ireland Linen Biennale at Lisburn's Island Arts Centre. Heather, 54, who has authored two best-selling historic books, Madgeburg and Doubting Thomas, as well as a number of shorts and poetry, says she was influenced to make the gown by her father's memory of his sibling.

"Cathleen was my father's big sister," she added. "In 1939 she had just taken up work at the William Clark & Sons cloth plant in Lowerlands, but was killed in a bicycle crash on her way home just a few days before her fifteenth birth. "If she had been alive, she might have had a gown made for her when she was 21 years old.

Words on the sleeve come from her father's diary, but the words on the remaining part of the gown are my newly invented notion of things she might have thought. "Heather, a mom of two youngsters, Isaac (22) and Leon (18), is living in Belfast and is marrying John (51), a personnel coach.

In 1993, when she came back to Belfast and became a mother, she chose to dedicate her free hours to composing poems and shorts. "Aunt Kathleen was killed in a bicycle crash in 1939. I' ve gathered these two things - Kathleen and my pastimes - together.

"Instead of doing the usual thing that would have been writing about it, I wanted to tell it through the outfit. "if she hadn't passed away. "Kathleen was the oldest girl in a 11-child household, one of whom passed away as a child.

"From Kathleen, all he has is a photograph and her birthright and dying papers. "It was quite confused by my efforts to make the gown, but also quite moved - in a very personal way. "It is a tribute to a memento of the whole Kathleen dynasty, and he values the thought behind it and the fact that it was made as a kind of monument to Kathleen.

" Heather put herself in Kathleen's position and stitched words on the gown that she thought would reflect her aunt's emotions about her schooldays when she started her first career and dream. "Trying to think about how she felt at college with the cards on the walls, how she dreamt about the big wide outside life and then how she felt when she got her first gig and had to drive six miles to work every day," says Heather.

"All the big businesses in Belfast and London were delivered by the plant, and I thought of the feeling of wonder it would have had over these unusual businesses. "During her two years of hard work on the gown, Heather gave us detail about her advancement and the history behind it on Instagram and was amazed at the interest.

"It was a surprise how many folks contacted me to say how beautiful Kathleen's history was," she admitted. "I' m not a pro textiles designer, so I have the good fortune to exhibit alongside everyone else who does," says Heather. Hopefully it's a proper monument to my queen.

" You can see the gown until 26 October at the show Losst in Lucerne at the Island Arts Centre in Lisburn, as well as other linens, mostly made by designer and artist.

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