Unisex Baby Boutique

Baby Unisex Boutique

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Baby Dandelion Unisex Clothing Stitched Black Knit Black Light Blue Bom Kit

Knitting baby kit of dandelion clothes. Wonderful pair of bright whites with pompom detailing on the top and bottom. They look gorgeous with a small waistcoat underneath. Baby unisex knit kit of dandelion attire. Wonderful bright knit in 2 pieces, this is a breathtaking knit kit.

Bobble detail on the legs and upper attachment. They look gorgeous with a small waistcoat underneath. If you are a customer who has bought this item and is currently registered, you can only rate it.

Unisex baby boutique for babies

Our belief is in value before volume and all our garments are sustainably and ethical made. Part of this is also retraceable, vertically oriented manufacturing, i.e. growing, producing and manufacturing all over the globe in one place and not all over the globe contributes to CO2 emissions. None of the manufacturing process uses hazardous chemical substances or dyestuffs and our tea wool is eco textile approved.

Employees of the plant come from the grassroots communities (where the actual cultivation of organic cotton takes place). All our baby hair mats and baby top tie tops are sustainably and ethical manufactured in the UK and complement the T-shirts. Lightning strikes in vibrant colors that can be blended and combined throughout the entire series and are ideal for a baby maid or babyboy.

Hello, I am Katie, mother of two children (Tommy & Lottie) who gave me the inspiration to set up the store because I have always wanted to do something that not only allows me to be imaginative (I really like this piece!) but also gives me the freedom to work from home so I can take them to college and be there for their games, sport and home.

Personally, I am very fervent about good value for money that comes from an honourable place where the person who makes it is fairly handled, whether in the UK or elsewhere in the can. It is unisex and not seasonally, so it can be purchased or carried all year round, which helps build a more Sustainable Worlds and generate less wastes.

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