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They wanted to name their newborn daugther - who was borne in November 2017 - Liam. The name Liam is a boy's traditional name and is the abbreviation of William in Ireland. Prosecutors allegedly asked the magistrate to prohibit parental calls to their daughters Liam and asked them to "give the baby another name selected by the parental and, if not, the magistrate".

Many royal surnames are also forbidden in the USA.

When Kate Middleton gave life to the new kingly child, she had to obey these strange regal natalities.

On April 23, 2018, KATE Middleton gave life to her third kid - a beautiful, jumping little kid. However, there are some unusual regal natal laws that the Duchess of Cambridge had to obey in order to remain true to it. Others determine who is permitted in the delivery room and how the delivery is communicated to the UK population.

It must be said to the queen that a baby was conceived in the king or queen before the message is made public. Prince William is said to have called his grandma over a scrambled telephone when Prince George was the firstborn. Tony Appleton, the announcer of the city, heralded the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The queen gave life to all her babies at Buckingham Palace, as is custom. It was Princess Diana who violated this regulation and gave life to her boys Prince Harry and Prince William in London's St Mary's Hospice in the privately owned Lindo Wing. She also had her three kids in this infirmary. It is assumed that this regulation was loosened after the Birth of Prince Charles.

A midwife may not reveal any information about the baby. Kate Middleton is believed to have had three halfwives with her at the time Princess Charlotte was born.

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