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Fluids in carry-on luggage There are limitations on what can be packaged in your hold or carry-on luggage for your own protection, and limitations on how much fluid can be carried through it. Infant formulas and milk/formulation for the flights - at the request of the crew you may have to organise a tasting. Medications needed for your journey - write them down and take a doctor's note or doctor's note with you in your carry-on luggage.

Exempt - note the limitations on exempt fluids for your target or stopover. From 30 June 2018 powdered materials from 350 ml in the passenger compartment of the aeroplane are banned on board aeroplanes to the USA, with the following exceptions:

Medicinal powdered materials, baby food and remnants of humans from 350 ml can be carried in the airplane cab. Dust-free receptacles for powders in a securely tamper-evident tamper-evident bag can be carried in the passenger compartment of the airplane. Powdery materials in any amount (with the exclusion of gunpowder) are allowed in hold luggage.

Ensure that you know what is in your carry-on luggage and take off all these items: Any device which, by unloading a bullet, may cause, or appears to cause, serious personal injury, includes: Equipment specially developed for stunning or restraining, including: Articles with a pointed point or edged which are likely to cause serious personal injuries, including:

Any tool which may either cause serious personal injuries or endanger the security of the aeroplane, including: Articles which may cause serious injuries in the event of an impact, including: Explosive and flammable materials and equipment which are or may appear to be likely to be used to cause serious injuries or to present a hazard to the security of aircrafts, including:

Inflammable fluids include petrol and metanol. Inflammable solid materials and re-active materials such as magnesia, fire lighters, fireworks and light bulbs. Oxidizing agents and organics peroxide incl. bleaching agents and auto bodies repairs sets. Poisonous or contagious materials, to include rats venom and contaminated hem. Radiactive materials, as well as medicinal or medicinal inertopes. Corrosive materials, as well as quicksilver and automotive battery packs.

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