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Purchase used furniture and electrical items or donate items to a Red Cross charity near you. Please visit our Online Charity Shop on ebay. Please visit our Online Charity Shop on ebay. There are several ways in which you can donate online.

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Displaying 1-10 of 101 items. The specialist for small prints is wonderful jewelry and souvenirs with the fingers or thumbprint of your baby or baby. FOTSTOP is a marvellous and thrilling store that sells children's footwear and dancing clothes. Now Trendy Treds is a proud specialist retailer of children's dancing apparel, which includes jerseys, sweaters and dancing boots.

Experience a valuable instant in your life with a bracelet made of handmade finest argent.


Between Monday and Friday between 10am and 3pm, please make sure you donate to make sure someone is there to take you in. Wherever possible, please call 01452 422971 to let us know that you are there. The Family Haven Fundraising Pack contains a lot of fundraising ideas. There is a Second-Hand clothes shop where you can help yourself to what you need.

Thank you very much for donating clothes, sheets, handcloths, drapes, boots, belts, etc. Even those fabrics that are not reusable can be accepted because we can collect funds from them by reselling them for recycling. During the harvest festival we are very lucky and get urgently needed gifts of crisp and preserved foods to prepare the warm lunches for our family or for the host family.

Contributions are always welcome. Sadly, we do not have the room to store items, so we are not able to store toy, pieces of jewellery or other large items. However, please do not hesitate to call 01452 422971 to see if you have any items you would like to contribute.

Our family, for example, sometimes find fixed housing and need domestic items, we often need prams and cribs, and the vehicle ages quite quickly and we sometimes need new ones. It is also possible to participate in fund-raising campaigns. For an email to Lorraine Barrett click here or call us at 01452 422971.

Contributions, no matter how small, are very welcome. In our checklist you will find suggestions for items we currently need. There are several ways in which you can donate online. Donor funds are used sensibly and practically. Our dinning room has been renovated and replaces the old tables and unsanitary stools with handy, wipeable furnishings.

We need the help of our fellowship so that we can carry on doing our much-needed ministry, including giving thanks for the distinction you make.

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