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Kids Camp - Blackburn Vineyard Church

Baby and children's apparel and gear for people in need. And how many kids miss apparel, toy, etc.? Following discussions with a number of "care" pros, we saw in the Blackburn Vineyard Church that there was an option to deliver (free of charge) GOOD QUALITY / USE (and some new) baby gear (e.g. baby beds, pushchairs, high chairs etc.) and children's apparel, motherhood apparel and toy / game / book - to low earning family.

In order to satisfy this need, we have set up the KINDERLADENHAUS. Thanks to the Methodist circle and especially the Paulus Church, we were able to move our shop to the cellar. Since this soon became too small to be able to be operated from here, however, we were able to find larger and more appropriate facilities near the city center (thanks to Schwarzburn with Darwen City Council).

TLC needed a lot of space in the TLC because it had n't been used for many years, but thanks to some hard-working voluntary workers, the place was rebuilt to run the children's storehouse. While we are always looking for people to help us, if you are interested, don't feel free to get in touch for more information.

This process is very easy - the contacting is done by the referer via our children's camp e-mail or phone. Precautions are then taken for the whole household to go to the warehouse and choose the articles they need. If you would like more information about donations / referrals / REQUIREMENTS, please use one of the following contacts: or if you think you would like to contribute to this service, please click here and you will be redirected to another page with donation processing detail.

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You will be reminded of what it was like to be a kid, equally intrigued and appalled by the outside work. On the following pages you will be assured that the things you believed before were not so odd..... When you think that your convictions were weird, look at our most frequent convictions and find that you are not alone!

I used to think when I was a kid it would rain because the sky was cloudy, I thought they were upset. By the time I was about eleven years old, I knew the periodical system, and I thought that the term "exposed to the elements" means to be subjected to the real element, as in the periodical system, and I thought: "Sure, that's everywhere".

When I was a little girl on a slightly gloomier side and my Mum said for the first time, "You're grounded," I really thought she said she would shoot me and throw me in the floor! "Bodentot " I always asked myself whether the belly button should be a blast hole like a whale or a dolphin.

Cause I can recall a lively reminder of a baby floating in a uterine swimmin' pool.

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