Used Nursery Furniture

Second-hand children's room furniture

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Second-hand children's furniture for sale in East Sussex

Storage of books. Wood book box with faked clock. Beautiful, ultra-modern cot. There is a fuse in the crèche framework..... They are of outstanding workmanship and are still available for £44.99 each! Vertically variable desk and two seats Length - 100cm width - 60cm highest hight - 48cm This desk is surprisingly simple to wash from coloured crayons, pencils, felt.....

BabyJörn is the best high stool, the ideal selection for your baby's first high up!

Second-hand children's room and children's furniture for sale on Isle Of Wight

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The Buzz Lightyear cot side features bright lighting and shadow. A few markers on the top. Childrens love it, but now too small for them. Cannot load the medias either because the servers or the networks are down or because the formats are not properly formatted. Two small soccer screens, one soccer torch, one soccer umbrella.

Perfect for bedroom, playroom, bathroom.... PERFECT FOR CHILDREN'S ROOMS OR AS A REPLACEMENT. Hardly used (mostly decorative).

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