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Uncovering their top ten most and least useful baby items.

So many baby products are available in boutiques and on-line boutiques that all promise to make our life as busily working families simpler. The over 1000 parent interviewed to create a shortlist of the ten most useful baby items and must-have purchases for babies. Essential things such as strollers, baby chairs and baby beds were given discounts and they were able to cope with this list:

Which were your top baby purchases that you use over and over again and which things did you buy and then hardly use? Have you agreed to these listings - anything you would put in either of them? It'?s seriously a wraparound, the ninth least useful item!? The least useful things were definitely the couples and couples of claw fists we had for him... I tried to put them on him for a whole tag and they always took about 0.2 seconds.

The most useful things not on the shortlist were definitely musselinfields, which are good for everything! The least useful for us was the baby bathtub - far too much work and unpleasant to use, the washbasin in the toilet did the same work at a much more convenient level.

The least useful for us was the baby bathtub - far too much work and inconvenient to use, the sink in the toilet did the same work at a much more convenient level... We used to call it diseased towels because I was always scared to shout in public: "Pass the Muslim the baby has been sick" How did baby towels not reach the lis?

It'?s fun how we all find different things useful. Babies' towels. The most useful thing for me was: The least useful thing I've bought: Buying the best and the baddest baby. It' much less expensive than electricity, although not as prolific. My least useful without a doubt was bib, I have a whole bunch of things that are totally not used.

Bouncer baby, the one who is hanging at the front doors (once again she loves that and would be sitting in it for AGES if I lol her! our lis t ! The most useful thing was........ definitely a dummy! Electrical breastpump - found it garbage. re-usable diapers - in essence beautiful, but way too much effort!

Fabric baby carrier - she hates it, makes the most terrible sound every single times we try to put it inside! Best: Worst: I had a bad idea about a flask that would double as a sedative with a replaceable outlet, because when the clock came, my little girl thought it would be much better and simpler to just take a tablespoon to lunch!

The best item - I can think of a few more! The most of the other useful objects listed with which I disagree. After five and a half months it was imperative! Another big wastage was drinking mugs, neither of which would ever be drunk by either of me.

The best products I had were:

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