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The Walmart customer delivers the woman's baby into the hallway before help arrives. One Walmart in Utah received a extra shipment when a lady had her baby while she was in a queue. Non-identified lady bought food with her spouse and a relation at the Payson shop on Sunday as she went into labour. The Payson fire department spokesperson, Terry Reilly, says it wasn't the woman's first gestation and things were moving quite fast.

The baby was shipped directly to the checkout," said Richard to the Daily Herald. Staff and other clients had to help supply the bundles that came to market in the shop before the rescue workers were there. Mothers and babies were taken to Mountain View Hospital in Payson, about 60 m miles southern of Salt Lake City.

The film ( from the novel ) Where the heart is, 17-year-old and seven month expectant Novalee Nation (played by Natalie Portman) holds in a Walmart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma with her friend who leaves her in the shop with little cash.

The Walmart watchman kills the "shoplifting" nut death in the car park as she tries to flee with two small kids.

27-year-old female with two children was killed by an off-duty sheriff's assistant after he accused her of stealing shops in a Houston Walmart. The shop's 14000-m block counter on the North Freeway had noted that the three wives had "stowed objects in their wallets" and informed Campbell who had an additional gig that night.

And Andrews began to leave while the deputy was between the open front doors and the driver's seats. A woman wouldn't stop, hit the deputy with her handbag, ran away. Mr Gilliland said it was clear that the proxy was the prosecutor. In spite of the shots, the girls escaped, but finally at The Worthington they paused at the Beltway apartment in the 1300 bloc of Greens Parkway.

Houston firefighters came to rescue Frey, but she was declared corpse at the crime site. Shelly was the flawless mother, the flawless girlfriend, the flawless daughter," said her dad, Shelton Frey, to KHOU. Wish he'd fired at their tyres just to stop them. And Kesha Sapp, a girl who knew Frey, said yes.

Unfortunately, Frey wasn't even meant to be in a Walmart that night. Early this year, she admitted her guilt to stole a shirt and a packet of flesh from another Walmart, and as part of her appeal she consented never to go into Walmart shops again.

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