Warm Baby Grows

A warm baby grows

One good option for your baby's clothes is a cotton all-in-one with feet to keep the toes warm. When your baby's room is at the colder end of the scale, you can put a vest under it. "With excess packaging, it can be difficult for your baby to cool off and it can be exposed to heat.

Don't let your baby get too warm.

Superheating can raise your baby's chances of child bed deaths. Babies can get overheated during sleep because they have too much linen or clothing or because the room is too warm. Don't put your baby in too many covers. The best choice is rotary covers of cottons, as the minute perforations allow the circulation of fresh aeration.

Ensure that the bed linen cannot protect your baby's skull. When using a baby sleeve-less bag, do not use any other bed linen. They should be economical, without hoods, in the right sizes for your baby and meet the latest security requirements. Her baby shouldn't be wearing a cap when she falls asleep.

Infants loose warmth through their heads, so masking their heads can cause your baby to overheat. In order to see how warm your baby is, look for sweat or touch his stomach - it should be warm to the touch, but not too warm. Don't be worried if your baby's palms and legs are feeling cold - that's natural.

Don't dress your baby - a diaper, waistcoat and suit are enough and you should wear less clothes in warm weathers. When your baby has a pyre, use less bed linen than usual and see a doctor if necessary. Ensure that the room your baby is sleeping in has a pleasant temp - not too hot or too cool.

Keep in mind... Superheating can raise your baby's chances of child bed deaths.


Stitched sleeve keeps your baby's arm warm without the need for extra linen or shifts. The Gro sleeping costume, with its warm, padded sleeve, is conceived so that it can be carried under a Grobag when the body gets below 16 °C. The Gro sleeping costume is a baby sleeping costume. Sleeveless Grobags support warmth losses and ventilation to prevent the baby from overheating.

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