Water Toys

aquatic toy

Be it a swimming pool, the sea or a lake, you'll have even more fun with this series of incredible water toys. Offering an excellent selection of bubble toys and water toys for outdoor play. A fun toy that encourages interaction!

Fifteen Awesome must have water toys.

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Wasserspielzeug & Spiele | Water games for children

Let yourself be enchanted by our offer of water toys and water toys. When it comes to actively helping to keep your child playing, why not create an open-air playground? Additional bike provides additional strength as you progress. There is also a children's house with a hiding place for children's toys and activites.

Extend their with a children's chute in case they need a particularly fast get out. Slides or a jungle gym supports the children's physical abilities.

Toy water set

This water toy kit is made of high grade wetsuit. Waterproof and lightfast, this funny swimming toy is suitable for use in any type of water, inside and outside use. A lot of kids' fun: let the marine creatures "dance" on the water. 8 funny seafood sets. Bring your own water toy kit from your favourite toy manufacturer.

Unsuitable for under 3 year olds. Use only in water where the infant is in its deepest position and under adults care.

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