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Baby Boy KD Tea and Jog Pant Set. On-line reviews - How much is your old stuff worth? for a baby?? - baby hello everyone, as some of you know, i just found out that in stop 6wks preg.

.and was wondering how soon you guys are going to begin to buy things for baby? we desperately to just get started to buy small things (also so my little girls of 3 can understand and get used to the idea, and help us participate in the thrill.

ie, i mean, ive known some folks to get started when they were stc because they just thought they'd get pre-g and need the stuff sooner or later what do you all think? Hello - I've been waiting for my 20-week long scanning, but everyone is different.

and I' s 24 now! Otherwise, I'd have bought everything in view! Because I think that purchasing things is part of the thrill, and it makes it more realistic for me. im desperate to buy things too... but i have a 4 and 2 year old, so i try and wait a while because i think its a long while in a childs head in order to be waiting for her brother olsister.

I' ve purchased 1 article, sweet little baby-grow kit... but this is it now until 20 week scanning, I think... then my oldest kid will tell the good tidings. My memory is that we purchased the stroller from last July, which was delivered in Dezember, and then we got it because it was the one we wanted it to be offered, and we had some cash left that whole month. My million went crazy.

Found out I was 9 week old and we went out this week-end and got some baby growth - I had 2 mc 6 years ago so I was very anxious for the first 4 month but don't think there was pitch 12 week ago to buy anything.

I' m 13 wk pre-g with 3. kid, as an unanticipated pre-g and gave everything away, I' m going to start buying stuff within the next wk or so.... Babybath, creme, changing pad.... Larger stuff like a crib will be closer to real times (I keep the cage down and put the cage in the crib at night... less to hold it up and down...), the stroller will be the last thing on earth as they say it's unlucky to have the stroller in the home before the baby is delivered... so I'll pay for mine and keep it at the mother's to be collected if needed... unless I have a shed that' sorts by that period and I'll pick it up if needed... unless I have a shed that' sorts by that period and I'll put it in the shed at night... less to hold it up and down.

Everybody is different and you will know when the right moment is for you... we have begun to buy things from the 12-week brand after the scanning, just buy things every months to try to distribute the costs. Once a months we also go to coastco, so keep yourself in stock with detergent etc. and have also begun to buy baby cloths, baby lotions etc. every months, so that when my wages fall, we still have many important things.

after 20 scanning days we didn't really buy anything, we searched for big articles, prams etc. and decided. We didn't tell anyone until after 12 scanning days. Both times I began to buy things as soon as I did my first scanning. we found out that I was very early pregnant....2 wks after the last af!. and within a wk we had a tie full of baby!.lol!.. I think it's up to you when you begin to buy! in 15 wks now and just begin to think about it, buy all the larger purchases like baby carriages etc...

When I was about 20 years old, I began to buy things. But I wouldn't talk about the new baby around your baby yet - I said to my 3-year-old boy that he would get a little baby boy or a little girl very early (about 12 weeks), and all I've ever been hearing every single morning since is "when my little boy is gonna come back" over and over again.

Do not want to challenge destiny by purchasing something too early, so I thought after the 20-week-brand.

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