What do we need for a Newborn

Well, what do we need for a newborn?

Which type of stroller do I need for a newborn? What are we treating jaundice for? Everything a parent and caregiver need to know about newborn skin care

Frequently, when it comes to the care of babies' skins, the midwife and the MSW often have to respond to many new parent queries. Can I put something in the tap? Can I put something on the baby's face if it looks sober? Knowing the right answers can be hard because there is very little research and proof to help the parent find the right one.

On top of these elements, the latest Baby Skin Care Directive (NICE) was drafted in 2006 and urgently needs to be updated. Responding to this challenge, the Royal College of Midwives asked the University of Manchester to examine the findings on neonatal skin health care, what the medical professional's recommendations are and how this information is taken up by families.

University of Manchester's staff then drew up advice and instructions on what and how to get information on skin care for newborns. You have also collected important information for HCPs on how to address parents' issues and requests. Royal College of Midwives would like to exchange these suggestions with other important parental practitioners so that the information provided is of equal standard.

There will be a stakeholders' meeting in the autumn and the University of Manchester staff will make their suggestions to experts. This way, we hope that some of the bewilderment talked about by families when looking for skin care tips can be eliminated and that we can all give the same coherent advise.

Here we share the technical advice to ensure that our members have the latest knowledge on skin care for newborns. Newborns up to the ages of 6 month are eligible for all referrals. The best expertise is prepared to address a situation where there is not sufficient proof.

The best advice from experts: The best advice from experts: The best advice from experts: Manage dehydrated skin: ZERO proof of the effects on dermal health and NO best recommendations from experts for a safer treatment that can be used for massages, but DO NOT use cook or cook essential or sunflower based NOR olives or NOR vegetable fluids as described above (see Managing your dried skin).

Randomized, monitored study to evaluate the barrier function of a laundry detergent for infants with healthy terminal neonates. Influence on Moisture in the Use of Wet Tissues for Cleaning the Neonatal Serviette Area: Assessor-blind, randomized, control equivalent study. Pay attention to the RCM conference in October as these referrals will be made available to nurses and MSMs!

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