What do we need to buy for a new Baby

Which new baby do we have to buy?

Best bed linen and mattresses for your baby Your baby's surest place to go to bed is on his own sleeping space, in the same room as you, for at least the first six month. The Moses bed or hamper is a safer place for a baby to be asleep. They should use a solid and shallow bed that is sheltered by a watertight covering.

It helps to keep the bed cleaner and drier as the covering can be washed. Ensure that your baby's bed is in good shape and that it will fit correctly in Moses' bed or hamper. Tightly wedged in sheet and blanket (not over the shoulders ) or a baby sleeping mat it is safer for a baby to lie in it.

Make sure that you take plush animals out of the child's bed before each sleeping phase. Ensure your baby sleeps in the foot-to-foot stance and do not use bed linen that is either too light or too heavy, such as blankets, cushions and comforter. When you have thought of using a cushion with your baby because you are worried about Plagiocephaly (or the " Low Level head disease ").

It is recommended that infants have a lot of monitored abdominal times during their wakeful periods to minimize back pain and you should also prevent infants from sleeping in harsh, closed sleeping areas such as closed cabin seating and other travelling equipment. Used mattresses can be used either by your old kids or by your old ones.

Some research has found an increase in the likelihood of SIDS in the use of a used bed sheet introduced from outside the home, although the connection has not yet been established. In order to minimise this hazard, when using a used bedding, make sure that the bedding you have chosen has previously been fully covered with a fully sealed fabric, has no cracks and is in good conditions.

Your baby should also have a solid and shallow bed so that he or she sleeps well. Baby bed pushrods can represent the danger of an injury to your baby once it starts rolling and moving over the baby bed. Putting a basic bedtress in your crib without linen or fenders is the best way for a baby to sleep.

We have a very small room and we can only crush ourselves into a bed, is that for sure? Same " secure sleeping " regulations are applied to a touring bed that should have a fixed framework and a solid, shallow bed lined with a hydrophobic fabric. Travelling bed mattresses are often slimmer and often felt tougher than those in a solid bed, but don't be tempted to put pleated covers or a duvet under the baby to make them "more comfortable".

A crib and a second-hand bed have been provided. Are you sure it's okay to use it with our new baby? In general, we would recommend that it is best to have a new baby bed for every baby, although we know that this is not always possible. A number of indications exist that moving a bed from one house to another could easily raise the chances of child deaths.

If you use your own for a second (or longer) period of use, make sure it is still fixed and level, without cracks or punctures, and that it does not sag in places. Carefully wipe the impermeable coating and make sure that the pad is neat and tidy before fitting it with linen.

Could I put my twins in a bed to get some rest? When you have decided to bed them side by side in a crib, do so only for the first few days if there is no risk of them curling towards or over each other. Every Gemini therefore has its own, fixed in bed linen or baby carrier.

The safest sleeping tips for individual infants should be followed, whether or not the infants are lying together in the cots. It'?s okay if my baby sleeps in a goddamn automobile couch? It' s okay if your baby falls down when sitting in his automobile chair, but when you come home, we recommend that you bring your baby to the regular solid, shallow place to doze.

We advise that the best place for your baby to stay - both during the nap and at nights - is in a child's bed or Moses hamper in a room for the first six month. It' s important to monitor your baby on a regular basis when he or she sleeps.

When your baby is taken in a vehicle, you should carry it in a correctly shaped and built-in vehicle safety harness with a view to the rear and preferrably within the reach of an adult. Your baby should be seated in a comfortable and comfortable vehicle with a view to the rear. Make sure your baby doesn't get too warm and take off your caps and coat when you get in the vehicle.

Stop for long pauses during long drives so that your baby does not sit on the vehicle for a long time (some brands suggest a 2 hour limit for vehicle seats). Preterm infants who may break down need special attention when traveling in a vehicle car-seat. Check with your auto seating company to see if they have precautions for the type of vehicle you are using.

Are you recommending baby Hammocks? Your most secure place for a baby to rest is on a solid, level floor that is your own bedroom.

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